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11-21-2010, 11:21 AM
I lifted in the Ohio USAPL state championships yesterday, and was able to boost my total to 1740.
I'm a superheavy (at 5'8") and i weighed in at 343.
I squated 680
benched 430
and pulled 630.
I won the masters raw overall so I was happy with that.

I got some work to do.
for starters I need to drop 40-50 lbs and work on my bench and deadlift.
The interesting thing about this meet is that I trained almost exclusively in gear for the last 7 weeks. I intended on doing this meet in single ply but I was unable to really get the squat suit working for me. Part of the problem was that I did no speed work in the suit due to other committments such as school, work, family etc.

I believe that training in the suit helps me to handle the bigger weights and actually improves my squat. I intend to use gear off and on, regardless of what type of meet I will be doing in the future.

As far as the bench shirt. It really heled me with my lock outs and basically from half way up. However I would need to mix up the raw training with the suit training to ensure I get that explosiveness off the bottom raw.

deadlift, losing the weight will help but I returned to a previous technique. this is what having a good coach in Ryan Celli will do for you.
I tried going sumo style in training, but for whatever reason it doesn't work for me. one thing about sumo is that you have to start with the bar up against your shins.
I switched back to conventional but I kept trying to keep the bar close. Then Coach Celli and I studied a number of videos of me pulling and we noticed that when I go convential I start the bar out a little bit and from the start of the pull it comes closer and rides up my legs like it is suppose to do. When I try and keep the bar close it goes forward when I begin to pull and it gets out in front of me.

I kept this in mind during the meet and my warm ups went really well. I was able to keep my head high and back arched.
I also trained heavy pulls after heavy squats to condition my body for the meet. this helped as well.

to keep things in perspective I am chasing an 1800 total as a superheavy. my coach and gym owner holds the world record at 1840 for a 198'er!!!!!
how could I go wrong with a guy like that!!!!
Thanks Ryan!

M.T. Neal
11-22-2010, 03:16 AM
I've been just training raw for a while, except the bench and I don't feel like the shirt really helps my raw bench. I am going to start back using knee wraps for squatting the heavier stuff, my right knee has been bothering me a little.

11-22-2010, 04:57 PM
I think you hit on why it helps you and me when you said 'Masters'! Our joints and connective tissue are not what they used to be. Last year I hit my best ever raw #s and trained in my gear until the last couple of weeks or so just to know where to open. I squatted 650 and near missed 705. Benched 402, and got a 551 DL and missed 600. Totaled 1603. That at 53 Y.O. Back in my 'prime' at 30, before all the geared training; my best meet #s were 550 - 340 - 550 for a 1440 total. You get stronger handling more weight geared but you also keep healthier hips and shoulders for longer. At least that's been my experience and observation.