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11-27-2010, 08:14 PM
Hey everyone, i'm new to the board and also new to HCT-12. It looks interesting so I thought i'd give it a go.

I'm 180 lbs, cut down from 210. I've been dieting for a quite a while and i'm ready to start eating and growing again and this program looks like fun. heh.

I hope this log will help keep me on track and any comments or suggestions would be welcome.

I decided to do the 4 day split. I started friday and had my second day today. So my split is M W F S.

Fridays workout felt good. It's weird to go in the gym and not go through a bunch of sets per body part but i'm sure i'll adjust and i'm looking forward to seein how my body responds to the new program.

Fridays work out numbers:

Overhand pulldown (in lbs):
60x6 80x6 100x6 120x6 140x6 160x6 180x6 +2 +2 +2

One arm DB rows:
20x6 40x6 60x6 80x6 100x6 +2 +2 +2

Incline DB Press:
30x6 50x6 70x6 90x6 (couldn't get 90lb DB's up for rest so I went down to 75) 75x2 +2 +2

Standing DB press:
25x6 35x6 45x6 55x6 +2 +2 +2

Cable pushdown (ez bar):
60x6 90x6 120x6 150x6 +2 +2 +2

Saturday was a little rough, my back was super tight after the deadlifts and so that made things a little tough after them.

Saturdays workout numbers:

135x6 185x6 235x6 285x6 315x6 +2 +2 +2

Leg Press:
45esx6 90esx6 135esx6 180esx6 225esx6 270esx6 +2 +2 +2

calf raise on a sled:
60x6 80x6 140x6 180x6 220x6 260x6 +2 +2 +2

I did 2 Bicep exercises instead of one

BB curl:
20x6 40x6 60x6 80x6 100x6 +2 +2 +2

Spider curl:
20x6 40x6 60x6 +2 +2 +2

I was pretty exhausted after this workout. Deadlifts drain me. I could have done more weight with the leg press but my lower back was so tight it was a challenge just to get through what I did.

I think I need to wear my belt on that last set of deads and see if that helps at all.

Well, I look forward to any criticism or suggestions.

Thanks guys

Off Road
11-27-2010, 08:43 PM
Good to have somebody new here. Welcome.

11-28-2010, 01:24 PM
Good to have somebody new here. Welcome.

Thanks a lot, look forward to posting here.

11-29-2010, 12:36 PM
Welcome aboard mate, you look established as a lifter from your stats but if i can help at all let me know :)

11-29-2010, 04:14 PM
Welcome aboard mate, you look established as a lifter from your stats but if i can help at all let me know :)

Thanks man! I know I have plenty to learn so I appreciate the offer.

My calves are so wrecked from saturday. I guess I should have eased into them after not doing calves for a few weeks.

Monday 11/29 WO

close-grip Under-Hand pulldown
60x6 80x6 100x6 120x6 140x6 160x6 180x6 +2 +2 +2

Under-Hand BB Row (smith) (i'm including weight of bar, in weight amounts just to make it easy to read):
95x6 115x6 135x6 185x6 205x6 +5 +4 +4 Need to go heavier on last set.

DB flat bench:
35x6 45x6 65x6 85x6 95x6 75x2 +2 +2. I had the same problem as i did with the DB incline presses. I am going to try BB presses next time and see if I can keep the weight more consistent with the clusters.

Military press (Machine): 40x6 60x6 80x6 100x6 120x6 140x4 120x2 120 +2 +2 +2

Close-Grip Bench (Smith):
95x6 115x6 135x6 155x6 205x8 +5 +5 +4 Need to go heavier.

My traps are pretty sore from saturday which I like. I'm looking forward to squats then rack deads wednesday.