View Full Version : Ab problems...

04-27-2001, 09:27 AM
hi ppl, since i started creatine my bench reps have improved by 20 pounds which is good for me, but i have gained 8 pounds in the process and almost completly lost what i had of a six pack. All my friends in the gym have noticed and have made little comments lately which i dont find so funny, heh =) What should i do to get it back, should i stop the supplements. I do ab exercises but its just not happening. If you could pls just post anything giving me some kind of information id be greatfull. thx...

04-27-2001, 12:25 PM
Dude the reason you lost that six-pack is because creatine increases cellular hydration and theoretically this will lead to an increase in Lean Mass. Notice I said THEORETICALLY, this is what exercise physiologists think, but they have no scientific evidence for it. As for the ab exercises, well you can't spot reduce bro so doin ab exercises till you're blue in the face will have no affect. Just continue with the supps man, add some bodyweight, then cut up if ya want. Hope this helps ya understand. ;)

04-28-2001, 11:52 AM
thx. i think i could use a litle more body weight anyways =)