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12-09-2010, 06:48 PM
I did Smolov a little while ago that was documented on here. No i'm going into Joe Defranco's westside template while i'm trying to lean up. The goal for cutting is threefold. Increase athleticism, aesthetics, and prime body for growth. I make huge gains when I pound calories around workout time, but right now i'm probably about 13%BF and I don't really want to go much above that. So the idea is get the body weight down, then hopefully shoot the total up with some lean gains.

Dec 1.
Close Grip BB Bench
All sets x3 reps

All sets x5 reps

Alt DB Bench
x5 per side 70.85.85
Palloff Presses
10sec iso holds 3 reps side 40

Dec. 3
ME Lower Body
Cressey Mobility Warm Ups
Box Squat x3 reps

DB deficit reverse lunges x12 reps

Glute Hams 3x10 Bodyweight


Dec. 6
ME Push
Cressey Mobility Circuit

CG BB Bench x3 reps

Lat Pull Downs
130lbs x15 & 15

DB Rows
75lbs 12,12,12,12
Face Pulls
40lbs 12,12,12,12

Db Shrugs
105 8,8,8
Db Curls
35 8,8,8