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12-18-2010, 04:56 AM
Hi Guys

Im coming off a cut in a few weeks, and ive put in a bit of work in terms of my diet plan for when i begin a build.

Last summer (here in Aus), i was sorta guessing/assuming how many calories were in all my meals (i did research, but i didnt physically track).

So ive decided to ramp it up a bit, and ive researched it a bit, therefore i would like your critique.

To get my base calorie count, i used my weight in pounds (198) x 11 = 2178. So that my static cals. I then added my active cals (2178 * .3 = 653) and have my base calorie number of 2832cal. The way i got this method was from Greg Plitt vid i saw. To me he has the perfect body.

So here is my sample diet on a workout day:

Breakfast: 6.30am

Omellette - 6 eggs (2 yolks, 4 whites) P 29 C 12 F 14.5 = 222.5 Cal
Avocado on Toast (2 slices) P 8 C 23 F 23 = 331 Cal

Morning Snack: 9am at work

Prots n Oats - 2 serves prot shake, 2 serves of Oat and 50g of milk P 60 C 50 F 4.5 Cal 525

Lunch: 11.30am-12pm

Chicken Breast (200g) + Sweet Pots (200g) P 64 C 42 F 8 Cal 504

Lunch 2: 2pm

Flathead Fish (200g) + Veges (Broc, beans + cap) P 40 C 15 F 2 Cal 178

Afternoon Meal: 4.30pm

Chicken (200g) + Brown Rice (200g) P 66 C 48 F 10 Cal 546

Pre Workout Shake

Prots with water P 24.5 C 2 F 0.5 also use a energy booster here Cal 110

Post Workout Shake

Protein Shake with Milk (2 serves of whey) P 59 C 19 F 3 Cal 338

Before Bed

Yogurt P 6 C 12 F 2 Cal 80

Totals: P 356.5 C 214 F 67.5 Cal 2834.5

So im getting 1426 Cal from Protein, 856 Cal from Carbs and 607.5 from Fat or so.

So currently this diet is a 50/30/20 ratio.

So ive been reading and alot of diets have a 35/45/20 ratio, so im a bit concerned about my carb intake and that it may be a bit low, but having said that i have a slow metabolism and i can gain weight (fat) if i dont eat lean.

I guess if i dont start to see results, i could always up my carb amount, which in turn will up my cals towards 3000+

I think its a fairly lean, nutritious high protein diet, though your advice on this plan is greatly appreciated.

12-21-2010, 10:13 AM
If your maintenance is assumed 2800 then you need more than that to build. Add 75-100g carbs post workout. Done.

Dan Fanelli
12-21-2010, 11:21 AM
The calories are probably way too low. Also, what is your current BF%, your cutoff, and your ending goal? The reason I ask, is this WAY too complicated. If you have had success with calorie counting then go for it. But I'd much rather eat a bunch of food, watch the scale go up, and then adjust carbs and workouts accordingly. That's up to you though. If you stick with your method, start with the 2900 caps or whatever for the first two weeks. Then star adding calories (250-500) if needed. Go with the lower carb plan if possible, or figure out a way to cycle carbs.

Good luck.

12-21-2010, 11:34 AM
Go with the lower carb plan if possible, or figure out a way to cycle carbs.

Correcting you is becoming a fulltime job.

To the op - carbs are very important to gaining and sparing muscle as well as training hard enough to promote serious hypertrophy.