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12-26-2010, 02:20 AM
Sup guys,

So last week I ordered my first stack of Atlarge Nutrition including: Results, BCAA+, Nitrean, and ETS.

So far, I have had amazing results and massive gains. Furthermore, it's definitely the tastiest and most mixable product I've ever had.

So, I have been taking each product as recommended by the labels.

But I came across an article on he internet that made me question the sequence I had been taking each product, and I was hoping that one of the experts on this forum would be able to verify its validity--since it's tough for consumer like me to determine what is BS and what's legit. Here it is:


According to the article, taking Creatine and L-glutamine together is inefficient because the two compounds are processed by the same substrate, in which case, our bodies will not be able to maximally absorb them. they say that the two compound should be taken approximately 4 hours apart from each other, in which case, I would have to take BCAA+ before my work-out, and Results approximately after.

Furthermore, it says that Calcium blocks the absorption of zinc and magnesium, in which case, taking ETS in the morning with my calcium supplement wouldn't necessarily be the best idea. So I decided to change the time I take my calcium supplements till around lunch.

I know these issues may seem trivial, but I just wanna get the most bang for my buck and be as efficient as possible. And I did try searching for the topic on the forums. I'd rather ask stupid questions then be stupid (pretending I have everything figured out).

chris mason
12-26-2010, 08:28 AM
The degree to which each of those things effects absorption etc.. if any, is open to debate. With that said, what you are doing is fine.