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01-02-2011, 03:43 PM
Ive been naturally small all my life however I'm very strong for my size. I'm 5'7" 128 pounds
Bench- 225/235
Flat press- 75
Curl -95/105
Leg press- 400+
I am 19 in the navy and looking to gain strength and mass I've been strength training for about a year now and have not gained any weight. I know a lot about supplements and proper diet and training.
Previously taken about 4 cycles of jack3d pre workout
1 cycle of sus500 before it got banned
1 cycle Asteroid stack ( prime,powerful, and anabolic pump,)
1cycle of pink magic.
Several weight gainers and proteins.
I take a recovery filled with protein glutamine BCAA'S etc...
so I'm not an noob to the whole weight lifting scene.

I want some advice on how to gain strength and mass and increase my weight with Very large gains. I'm looking to hit around 160-170 ASAP. I work out 5-6 days a week, isolation only to keep from over working and I take a pre/ post workout as well as the asteroid stack mentioned above.
I've taken prehormones before so I know what to look for in the gain department.
Is there anything out there that could get me the gains I'm looking for that won't take too long .

serious comments only
Please give advice. Thanks a lot.

Off Road
01-02-2011, 03:56 PM
Forget about all those quick-fix supplements. They've gotten you nowhere so far, so why would you think they are the answer going forward?

Fix your eating, as in eating enough to support growth, and find yourself a good routine that focusses on squats, deadlifts, bench, and other BIG exercises.

01-03-2011, 01:42 AM
Look into Wendler's 531 routine. That's what I've got my team doing now and it is working very well. And as stated; eat as well as your Navy schedule allows. Basics for supplements. A good protein supplement like Nitrean and the powerlifters formula multi vit that At Large Nutrition sells is a great basic start. Good luck!

01-03-2011, 06:35 PM
Keep it simple.

Squat..... and not just 3 sets.... take a day to squat

Deadlift.... you can do this after squat or on its own day before doing rows and chin-ups

Bench.... then do overhead presses, tricep work, and upper back work.

The only supplements you should be thinking about are protein, glutamine, and energy drinks. If you have $60 that you are thinking about using to buy any supplements with ( anything with names that sound like steroid names especially ) go buy an extra tub of protein and double your intake. Or buy a big steak. Bottom line is that you'd probably get better gains from eating $60 in $5 bills than taking most of the crap out there.

Lift as heavy as you can and eat as much as you can..... meat, potatoes, eggs, fresh vegetables

at 19 years old and 128 lbs like it or not you are ( as you put it) a noob to this..... if getting big and strong were easy and quick everyone would be able to do it.
Put in the work to build up a solid foundation. Heavy complex movements, don't waste your time doing anything on a machine except maybe abs.

I understand where you are coming from. I started lifting at 17 and graduated high school at 165 lbs and 6'5"..... now I'm 26, and 300#..... fat as a walrus.... but I'm married and only care about my total going up, not how I look. At 240 you could see my abs if that's more of what you want for yourself.

Sorry to be long winded here, I normally wouldn't post on a something like this but I saw you were a navy man...... I've got a ton of respect for what you do, thanks for serving our country. I hope some of this helps.