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01-09-2011, 10:35 PM
God, I am a out of control fatty.

I am not trying to be cute, I am not 220 and calling myself fat as a faux joke.

I am 28 years old and I weigh 330 pounds. Seven years ago, I joined this site, buckled down and lost 90 pound over a 9 month period. Man it was hard, but I did it, I reached my goal and well I just kind of stopped. I've tried other ways of weight loss since then. Over a two year period I gained back all of my weight, plus some.

I haven't been laid in two years, man that sucks...

Little kids make fun of me, women wont look at me. Just a big fat hairy guy. In 2007, I was sent to the ER with a racing heart, Doctors never could tell me excatly what it was, but I am now on medicine for high blood pressure and must use a CPaP machine to sleep. In 2007, I told myself, I am out of control, I have to lose this weight, but here I am today, still fat. In September I dislocated my knee and was limited with the amount of physical activity I could do for two months.

I work three jobs and graduate with my Masters in April. I am a better person then I was when I had lost all the weight, but I cannot for the life of me find the motivation and drive that pushed me before. In all honesty, my drive was women. Women, wow, I sure do miss them. For whatever reason, I convinced myself that if I ballooned back to my original weight I could still pull tail, man, I was really wrong.

This isn't a cry baby wah wah wah post. All this ish ends tomorrow. Taking pictures and measurements tomorrow. Diet is in check, I have a excellent diet in place. Basically it is 2500 calories, 40/40/20 breakdown. Been doing it for a week now, so I know it's doable.

Plan is to lift 4 days a week and cardio six days.

Still looking at different routines.

Plan is to weigh and measure in one month, hoping to see some good things.

Will post measurements, diet and routine tomorrow.

Come back tomorrow and laugh at the fat guy!

01-10-2011, 08:29 AM
GL man...losing weight is hard. And lol at your woman motives....I was thinking about it recently that I've been fairly fortunate with women considering I'm a fat **** myself. Anyway, I'll be following along!

01-10-2011, 09:53 AM
As another fat guy....working on becoming a former fat guy...I wish you the best. I was at 300 pounds at the very start of 2010. I'm now at 247, so sometime in the next quarter I should reach my weight goal. I know the ladies is a motivation for wanting to lose weight but I'd make my primary motivation because of your health. You have some serious health issues going on being only 28. I might have missed it in your initial post but are using a lifting program? cardio? or just diet?

01-11-2011, 01:05 PM
Thank you for the replies!
Officially Weighed 327 Pounds
Janruary Measurements
Neck 21"
Quads 29"
Calves 20"
Biceps 16"
Chest 54"
Stomach 55"
Hips 46"
Forearms 14"

Monday, man. Well it was a blizzard on Monday, so I skipped the gym. Diet was in check though.

Diet looks like this:
Whole Weat Bagel
1/4 cup almonds
Low Carb Tortilla
6 oz sliced turkey breast
Post Workout
Sting Chz
2 servings of whey
Brown Rice
8 oz Chicen Breast
Vitamin E
Green Tea
Vitamin C
Flax Seed

Calories: 1520, low I know
Protein 185
Carbs: 116
Fat: 40

Need to beef up calories a bit, thought they were higher. Will most likely add some natural peanut butter and incorporate some more fat into my diet. With the food I am eating, I am definately not hungry as the day goes.

The gym, the gym.
Did three miles on the treadmill, good for 260 calories burned (yeah right), according to the treadmill.
Today was legs. Again, two months removed from a knee injury, so these numbers are sad.

Leg Curls 130X8 140X8
Leg Extensions 100X8 110X8
Leg Press Sled X 8 X 2
Calf Raise 90X20
I was gassed following work out. My right leg is definately dominant, so I worked each leg out individually for a set and then together for a set. Left leg is just really really weak. Gonna have to work on that!

01-11-2011, 01:22 PM
Glad to see you get to the gym! With the motivation you seem to be displaying, the only thing your weight can do is go down so dont sweat it.

Off Road
01-11-2011, 01:28 PM
We aren't going to laugh at you. We applaud your decision to take life seriously. And we all wish you good luck with the journey.

01-11-2011, 02:52 PM
Keep with it man. You have already proven you can do it.

Focus on health man. I know its hard, but its a lasting motivation once you find it. It doesnt seem to wane like when you use girls as motivation(atleast this is my personal experience). Afterall, you dont wanna put that pussy on a pedestal!

01-11-2011, 08:33 PM
We are all behind you bro. You Can and Will reach your goals. Stay on board and we will cheer you on!


01-12-2011, 01:23 PM
Day 2 is in the books...

Woke up fairy early, but not with the usual soreness that follows a work out after a long break. Felt it the most in my sides/kidney area, felt like I got punched, but nothing unbearable. Diet should be in check for remainder of the day. Beefed up calories a bit, had someone drop me off some left over meatloaf, lucky me. Today I did arms, gonna look into a more focused routine over the weekend, rather than just winging it as a I go each time. Couple local police officers came in while I was lifting. Neither looked especially strong, but they declined pressed more than I have ever seen anyone else do...

And now for me...

3 Miles on treadmill good for 260 calories burned.

Close grip Bench Press 100X8 135X8
Bar Bell Curls 45 X 8 55 X 8
Dumb Bell Press Up 60 X 8 70X 8
DB Curls 45 X 8 45 X 8
Tricep Push Downs 120 X 8 120 X 8

Got a pretty good pump, look to be very sore tomorrow. Can up the weight significantly on a few of these, but I am trying to ease into everything. Job # 2 tonight, thankfully there is some exceptional basketball on, so it will allow my mind to wander. Tomorrow is gonna be the tricky day, I figure I gotta get up at 6 ish to go lift, but oh well, bring the pain!

Thanks for the support and motivation!

Off Road
01-12-2011, 02:32 PM
May I suggest you read some of the material on this forum, like articles, other's journals, and the stickies. I think you'll be able to put together a much better routine that will be more specific to your goals. I mean you can do the basic bodypart split if that's what you like, but I think there are much better ways to shed fat and gain strength. Just a suggestion and I admire the fact that you are getting in the gym and getting stuff done.

01-16-2011, 02:48 PM
Thursday and Friday were long days and my gym is open on Saturday. Thursday and Friday went like this, 6-8 a.m. gym. 9-2 work at first job. 3-10 work at second job. 11-6 sleep and repeat. I finished out the week on point, also finished with the body part split routine.

New plan is to do the Greican(sp) routine and a IF eating plan , just because it will be easier for me. Weights three days a week, in the gym five days a week, Friday will be off day and Saturday I will do some HC12.

Today's macros look like this. 2070 calories, 211 gr. protein, 110 carbs and 100 calories of fat.

All fat is coming from meat, nuts and peanut butter. Diet is clean.

So the idea with Greican is to lift heavy, low reps.

Did the usual 1 hour on treadmill at 3.0 pace.

The high weight low rep schpill was a more satisfying routine and I was actual in the gym longer, due to increased rest between sets, 1 hour post work and I still have a great pump, feeling real good.

Bench Press 290 X 3 295 X 3 300X3 305X3 310X3
Tbar Rows 160X 3 X4
Face Pull 90X10X4
BB Curls 65X6 70X6

Good work out.

Classes start this week, yay for being busy!

01-16-2011, 03:05 PM
Keep up the work, im quite the opposite looking to bulk up. Great motivation in your writing about being pro active and getting it done no matter what

01-16-2011, 03:26 PM
Keep at it bro, I started at 464 back in 07 and have busted ass and lost over 150lbs with a lot of peoples help here. Keep up the progress man, don't stop.

01-17-2011, 06:21 PM
Nice sessions bro. Keep it up. ;)

01-17-2011, 10:32 PM
Macros for the day...
2470 calories
268 protein
178 Carbs
77 fat.

Not bad, but still need to tweek it so it comes out perfect. Carbs and fat are all from nuts and dairy.

Did some light cardio today, will hit back heavy tomorrow.

Thanks for the lurv.

01-18-2011, 08:03 AM
Good work so far. Tweaking your calories/macros will take time and will require additional tweaks as your cut continues.

01-18-2011, 08:15 PM
Absolutely what SC said. When your body keeps adapting to changes, you'll have to continue tweaking to continue progress. Work looks great bro, keep the pace.

01-18-2011, 10:06 PM
First day of class, yay!

Was nice to make use of the on campus gym, because they truly have some high tech equipment and much more free weights.

1710 calories
190 Protein
101 Carbs
53 Fat

Flax seed, vitamin C, E and Multi, Green Tea extract.

Carbs will be lower next week, powering through the last of my whole wheat bagels and they pack a whopping 37 gr. of carbs per. Slipped up a little and ate a corn dog today, but think after gym and adding up the rest of my meals i will be ok.

Deadlifts 225X3 275X3 325X3 345X3 355X3

Other than dead lifts did some individual leg work, really light weight, left knee is still very very weak.
Despite drinking over a galllon of water today, I am still fighting some major cramps in my sides, not so pleasant.

Good day!

01-19-2011, 07:12 AM
Nice DLs man! What class(es) are you taking?

01-19-2011, 07:24 AM
New plan is to do the Greican(sp) routine and a IF eating plan , just because it will be easier for me. Weights three days a week, in the gym five days a week, Friday will be off day and Saturday I will do some HC12.

What is the Greican routine?

Good luck with your goals, you seem to be doing really well :D