View Full Version : VIDEO: Milestone PR! 405 Deadlift!

01-18-2011, 11:11 AM
Went to the gym yesterday not knowing what I was going to pull, 1RM, 3RM, 5RM...decided since I'm nearing the end of my bulk I should probably just try a nice 1RM. Previously I had pulled 370. So I pulled 385 and it flew up. So I tried 405 and well....you'll see. I know 405 isn't impressive weight but I started out weak as crap so it's taken a long time to get here. Oh and yes...the noises are necessary, don't judge me. :evillaugh: Commercial gym awkwardness, I don't mind it. :moon:


and then 405x1

01-18-2011, 02:28 PM
strong grunt.....20 lbs to go and you got 1,000, you should probably just go squat 335 on wed or thur and call it an even 1000

01-18-2011, 02:42 PM
Beast status!!! You stall like crazy though just below the knee. Rack pulls and reverse band deads and you could get that pull to even more beastly.

01-25-2011, 01:29 AM
Dude, I know it feels good about getting 405, but I sure as hell wouldn't attempt a deadlift like that again. Yes, its true that advanced deadlifters round their upper back to decrease the distance the bar has to travel, but I don't think you have quite mastered it yet because your lower back is rounding too. To me that that was a 110% max effort lift, not 100%. You also jerk the weight off the ground pretty bad which puts another shock on your lower back, as well as the hitching to finish the lift.

Its true that people, and myself included, do that little hamstring jerk you do. But normally its a 2 part procedure and mostly a physical cue more than anything that helps by way of momentum (such as how you used it on the 405 pull). The way you did it on the 385 pull is fine, because you paused again at the bottom. So that little jerk only serves as a physical cue to sit back before your pull, which is fine.

Also, you have some arm involved in the pull. Your arms should remain straight the entire time. People talk about losing the slack in everything before a pull...that is what you should focus on. The way you did it, your bicep is flexing as you pull, which is very dangerous, especially on super max effort lifts such as what you are doing and without straps. Remember, the arms don't assist in the lift...they are just there for the ride to hold the weight.

Not trying to be a dick...I am honestly trying to help you. I know getting 405 is an exciting thing, but if you keep pulling this way I can see you getting injured. Look how long your lower back is in a vulnerable position on that 405 pull...I recommend that you work in triples or greater and save the 1RM stuff for when your form is better. The deadlift can be an ego boosting lift because its possible to lift weights that are even greater than your 1RM by muscling them up.