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01-28-2011, 12:28 PM
I'm going based off various calorie calculators, the difference between some can be a few hundred calories so I'd like to double check. My goal is to lean out and maintain as much lean body mass as possible.

I've never really followed my diet so closely before so I'm excited to see how what kind of progress I make and learn what kind of modifications benefit me best in my goal. I try to keep the numbers as round as possible to make counting a bit easier. If you have any advice on your own experiences for a successful cut (ie "I personally benefit from fewer carbs and more fat" or vice versa) I'd love to hear your experiences. My macro goals are based off what seems to be a generally accepted equation on this forum. Thanks for reading!

Male - 5' 8" - 147 lb - 13% body fat (estimate)
Lifting 4-5x's Week (alternating power/hypertrophy days), Cardio 2-3x's Week (15 minutes HIIT, or moderate running)

Maintenance: 2,400 Cal
Cutting (current): 1,900 Cal

Macro Goals:
128 lbm x 1.5 g Protein = 192 g Protein (768 cal)
128 lbm x 0.5 f Fat = 64 g Fat (576 cal)
Remainder = 140 g Carbs (556 cal)

35g P 40g C 0 F

Meal 1
35 g P 40 g C 0 g F

Post Workout Shake (Nitrean w/ water)
2g C 24g P 0g F

Meal 2
35g P 40g C FAT*

Snack/Meal 3
35g P 10g C 30g F

Night Shake (Nitrean w/ water + PB)
35g P 10g C FAT*

* If Meal 2 is post workout meal move 30g F to Night shake.

I should add my food sources:
Protein: Chicken, Lean red meats, Lean ground turkey, Fish (canned tuna), Beef Jerky, Cottage cheese
Carbs: Rolled Oats, Brown rice, Potatoes/Yams, Whole wheat pasta (sparingly), Whole wheat bread (sparingly)
Fats: Olive oil, Peanuts, Natty PB, Fish oil caps, Cheese (sparingly)

Other: Kashi Go Lean Cereal, Nitrean, I sip on Scivation Xtend BCAA's throughout the day, Results (on the way!)

I'm considering ordering Novus bars with my next Nitrean order, but I'm not very familiar with the nutritional science behind sugar alcohols/carbs and how to to incorporate those into my diet yet.

01-28-2011, 12:58 PM
With all due respect, you are 5'8" 147 pounds. You do not have enough LBM to even think about cutting. Why waste the time? Going to the gym 7 days a week on 1900 calories? If you think you look fat at your size, it is only because you have no muscle not because of your bodyfat percentage. You would look more lean in one year if you simply ate 300-500 calories above maintenance and gained 30 pounds.