View Full Version : Nutrition and Diet Ideas Needed!

01-31-2011, 09:40 PM
Hi, I havent posted in awhile just been reading. Anyways football seasons over and im training for next year which will be my first year of college football. So i'd like to be in good shape but still have weight (mostly muscle) Anyways, I need some breakfast ideas. I do not have enough time to make eggs or something of that nature but i dont want to eat poptarts or nothing at all for breakfast. Secondly, i go to subway just about everyday for lunch because it pretty convinient what is a pretty healthy sandwhich to get from there? I usually workout twice a day. I usually takeprotien after the second workout. Any advice on what i should eat for breakfast and lunch? Oh and BTW im 6'3" 275 not that it matters but it may affect what you advise like i said i dont know too much about this topic.

Thanks: Oliver