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02-03-2011, 10:51 AM
I have a goal of hitting a few strongman comps this summer and a few powerlifting comps as well. Here is what I wrote for a split. Please keep in mind that the weights will be adjusted as i work through the program. These are my best guesses as to where i should start. I plan on running for 4 weeks, switching up some accessory lifts, wash, rinse, and repeat. All opinions are welcomed and encouraged:

Monday: Squat Training
Power Cleans: 135X5X3
Back Squat: 275X5X3
OH Squat: 95X5X5
Standing Calf Raise: 225X3X10

Tuesday: Pull Training/Cardio:
Pendlay Row: 145X5X5
Close Grip Pulldowns: 110X3X10
One Arm DB Rows: 60X3X10
Preacher Curls: 65X3X10

25 Minutes on Treadmill

Wednesday: LISS Cardio: 45 Minutes on elliptical

Thursday-Lift Training/Cardio:
Power Cleans: 140X5X3
Deadlift: 335X5X5
SLDL: 250X3X5
Smith Machine Shrugs: 225X5X10

20 Minutes of intervals on Stepmill

Friday-Press Training:
OHP: 145X5X5
DB Bench Press: 65X3X10
Hang Snatch: 95X5X3
FacePulls: 65X3X10
Assisted Dips: 74X3X10

Saturday: Off/Cardio
Whatever I feel like

Sunday: Events Day
Mostly Medleys/Tire Flips and GPP
Note: I am currently attempting to find a group to train with. I am also building my collection of strongman implements.

02-03-2011, 02:53 PM
Bear in mind that I have never competed in strongman, although I have "played" with a few implements of some friend's that do strongman....

A few critiques....
I don't think you necessarily need to do power cleans 2 x's / week
Why OH Squat?
No regular Bench Press?
I would consider ditching traditional cardio for sled, prowler, sand bag carries, etc if you have access to these.

Overall I'd suggest something like a westside split, but to accommodate strongman consider replacing DE days with RE days,
for example, for OH Press, and Bench Press, alternate an overhead lift with a conjugate bench movement on ME Upper days. For RE / DE Upper days alternate overhead for reps ( as this is common in strongman) , with speed benching.

For ME Lower alternate a conjugate squat with a conjugte deadlift, then for RE / DE Days maybe train events and choose to hit DE box squats or repetition deadlifts.

Just my 2 cents, I'd recommend asking Tom though, as he's a good strongman competitor and I'm sure would have some thouhts on this.