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02-12-2011, 08:52 PM
Hey Everyone,

Many of you won't know who I am an may not even read this but wanted to share what I believe are two of the most vital ingredients to anyones pursuit of strength. These are having goals and training consistently.

Up until mid last year I was the kind of guy who would go to the gym and do whatever I felt (mainly benching and arms etc with a bit of squats). These phases of consistent gym would last a few months at best then I would slack off as life got in the way or I tried some other endeavor and presto my gains would soon be lost.

This all changed about May-June last year. I decided it was time to get serious and work hard in order to try compete in my first powerlifting meet in November. And man did this do wonders. I started hitting the gym at least four times a week and made it a priority to consistently get in there and get it done. The goal also gave me motivation to research my sport and to eventually follow tried and true training methods (this happened slowly lol took me a while to realise there are people who know a hell of a lot more than me but hey I know it now)

Since getting serious last year my squat has increased by over 40kg and my deadlift close to 60kg with my bench gaining about 25kg aswell. Sure I followed a good training programme but without the goals I set for myself at the competition and consistently getting in there and getting it done nothing would have changed, I would have been slack after a few months and had to start at square one whereas now I continue to build on a solid foundation of consistent hard work.

Its not easy but it pays off, so if you are new to the game of strength training remember it will take some time but it will be worth it! Be consistent and set some aims, you never know where you will get to.

Big thanks to all who motivate me by following my training log too, this forum is an awesome tool for keeping us all on track and working hard through lifes ups and downs.

If anyone else has any things they have found to be key by all means share!

02-12-2011, 11:41 PM
Well said. If nothing else, lifting weights and having goals with the weights teaches you to be disciplined and consistent.

02-13-2011, 02:41 AM
I completely agree as well. One has to set goals, but one has to be consistent and have the drive with a purpose, something that I've been too relaxed on lately, but my consistency is back and the fire burns brighter than ever. I also believe in setting goals that are attainable. The WBB article here about setting realistic goals and such is great regarding just this thing. If I think that I could end up looking like Ronnie Coleman, then I'm already setting myself up for a fall and disappointment, I mean it's possible, but a long, long, long long long long loooonnngggg time away if I was aiming for that, and even then, it's highly unlikely. (However, lifting with Ronnie and seeing him in the off season, I'd say it's more possibly to achieve that physique of him being in his off season, haha) A lot of people don't like open ended goals, but I find that they do better for me and keep me more grounded. I aim to weigh less next week than what I do this week, I aim to push and pull more with more reps next month than I do this month. I aim to progress...bottom line...PROGRESS. That's MY goal, and that's how I feel I progress better in this game.