View Full Version : Hypoglycimic and looking for a come-back

02-22-2011, 02:21 AM
A short history:
2001 I started lifting without knowing proper diet and routine.
2002 I discovered WBB through a friend. Started doing WBB 1 then 2
2003 I was gaining weight and getting thicker but I should've been more focused on losing weight.
2004 I start doing Bill Stars 5x5
2005 - 2007 Work, family cause me to lose control of my goals in the gym
2008 Doctors find a tumor in my neck (Which was causing me to have pain after lifting) but it wasn't cancerous I was simply told to take a breather from the gym.
2009-2010 I keep eating like I'm in the gym but I'm not actually going. I gain unhealthy weight. In 2009 I had blood work done. Elevated liver enzymes and triglycerides but everything else is OK including my heart and pancreas (No diabetes or congenital heart failure on the horizon). The beginning of 2010 serious issues at work and home pretty much crash my mental and physical health so I go on vacation. While on vacation I noticed I had pitting edema in my leg. When I'm back home the doctor does a full blood work up and tells me I'm diabetic. He sends me to a specialist that tells me I'm not and that I just have to space out my calories during the day. Again, work and family hit me hard and I've done a complete reversal in food consumption, from eating more than my share to eating way to little.

Over the last 6 months I've lost about 60lbs and I'm sure a lot of it was muscle. I have my Nitrean and Opticen to keep me going through the days when I know I have to eat but can't mentally or physically do it. I have a nice cabinet full of ALN products that kept my head above water.

As for the title...well, a couple of weeks ago during a speech I was giving (As part of my work) I started feeling faint, weak...all the hypoglycemia symptoms. I thought I was having a stroke since my arm, which was raised and pointing, had fallen dead on it's own and I couldn't lift it. I felt all the blood rush from every corner of my body to my head. I powered through the last 20 seconds and then sat off to they side. I've had minor episodes like this and thought it was anemia. After this scare I went into the doctors to get a full check up. The new blood results showed my liver enzymes and triglycerides had fallen into the normal range and that the blood test showed no signs of me being diabetic. He said that from the work done on my blood and heart and my history, that I probably have stress induced hypoglycemia.

I don't know if anyone else has felt this way. He told me to eat something sweet if I started to feel this way. It seems results (Even just half a serving) does the trick. I keep hard candy on me and two shakers with half a serving of Results on me. I've been eating more frequently (Although my appetite is not entirely there yet) to keep my blood sugar from dropping. The only time it's seriously dropped is when I've skipped a meal and I've had a hard session at work.

I want to get back to the gym, I want to get my diet back on track, I want to lose weight (The fat, no more muscle loss...or as little as possible). I've got meds that help with anxiety and work is under more control now that I know how to keep from feeling the way I did. I've come to realize that there will always be issues and in order to stay on top, I need to be healthIER.

Lifting: Bill Stars 5x5
Reason: I really liked the full body routine, the squats, the simplicity. I figure it would help me get back in faster than if I had to wrap my mind around a new routine. The exception would be to introduce some of the ab workouts from Situps are Dead.

Diet: Opticen and Nitrean with oats, fruits and veggies between meals. Dinner is usually light, fish/chicken salad. I've got a slow-cooker so I do boiled veggies with chicken and different spices. I've got no room for snacks like chocolate or potato chips. Calories are being counted, everything is weighed and measured.

Goal: To get my BF percent below 15 percent. I was hovering at 25 percent as of last summer. Once I get down to 15 percent and as long as everything else is healthy, I'll make plans THEN to get bigger and healthier. Lean and healthy is my target for now.

I don't start at the gym until the first of next month. Until then I'm building myself up with warm-up exercises at home. I've maintained a good stretching routine that I've done every night for about a year to help with relaxation.

Any and all advice is welcome on my plans for now and the future.