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02-23-2011, 02:57 PM
How do you set up your chains for benchin?

I've always done it the way I read in the westside articles, with all the chain deloaded at the bottom, and only about half off the ground at the top. I always get questions about why would I leave chain on the ground but thats just how I've always done it and still get the accomidating resistance. Anyways would like to hear some different opinions.

02-23-2011, 03:38 PM
That's the way I normally set them up as well. You might as well just use more bar weight if it is all off the floor. Also, I don't want it to swing, which can happen if some of the chain isn't on the ground. Normally we just set it up where half the chain is on the ground while it is in the rack and that works pretty well for everyone regardless of arm length.

If you want to get the entire weight of the chain at lockout you can always double the chain over so it is in lengths of 2.5 feet instead of lengths of 5 feet (this is how most of the chains you see are set up, so I'm making an assumption). This is easy to do if you have the "easy loaders" that Spud Inc sells or a similar hook type device for your chains.

02-24-2011, 08:47 AM
You want the chain on the ground so that as you are locking out, the weight continues to get heavier. If the weight is off the ground, you're not locking out more weight progressively. It's like making sure to choke bands around a large enough base so that there's tension at the bottom of the lift.