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02-28-2011, 11:19 PM

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rick and im from MA. Im 22 years old going to college in persuit of exercise physiology and physical therapy. I've been on a bulk since last september. Im 5' 11" and back in september I weighed 168 pounds, but now im up to 200. I've been doing a lot of research on cutting diets and have decided that for the first few weeks im going to decrease my calorie intake only slightly rather than do the -500 cals from your current daily intake.

This journal is going to be about my diet only. Im going to post my meals and their nutritional info.

If you have any comments, input, constructive input, or advice please feel free to post!

I'll also be posting pics soon.

Today I weighed 199 pounds:
M1- 2 Large whole eggs, 2 egg whites - 12P, 0C, 10F
2 slices scali bread - 5P,22C, 2F
1 cup milk - 8P, 13 C, 2.5F

M2 - 1 can tuna- 26P, 0C,2F
2 slices scali bread- 5P, 22C, 2F
2 tbsp mayo-0P , 2C, 7F
5 cashew clusters- 5P,9C,12F

Pre-workout meal
1.5 scoop whey - 34P, 4.5C, 4F
5 Cashew clusters, 5P, 9C, 12F
1 tbsp peanut butter, 3P,3C, 8.5F

Post-workout meal
2 scoop whey - 46P, 6C, 5F
1 cup go lean crunch - 8p, 36C, 4.5F

M5 - 2 cups chunky soup - 16P,36C, 5F
1 cup milk - 8P, 13C, 2.5F

M6 - 3/4 egg beaters -18P, 3C, 0F
3 lite sausage - 9P, 2C, 9F
1 cup milk, 8P, 13C, 2.5F
1 tbsp peanut butter - 3P, 3C, 8.5F

Also before school I had 3 slices roasted turkey breast and 1 slice american cheese:

Totals were about
240g Protein
211 Carbs
100 Fats

About 2600 cals all together.