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03-07-2011, 09:59 AM
Well, it took awhile (elbow injury and all), but Thursday last week I finally got into my size 46 Titan F6. Had a buddy help me put it on and got started. Here's how it went. Overall, I was pretty pleased for my first time run in a shirt.

For stats, I'm 42 and my current max is about 330, and the scale said I was at 190 pounds body weight. I put 315 on the bar just to take a few reps, and could move it down about two inches. I loaded up 335, and it dropped another two inches. Loaded up 365, it dropped another inch. Loaded up 385, another inch close. At this point, the weights were litterally flying up! There were a few times where I got out of the groove on the way back up and thought it would dump on me, but I was able to get it back where it needed to go.

OK, let's put on 405 and see how it goes. Now the mental stuff is hitting me, as I've only done rack lockouts w/ that much weight in the past. I get under it, get my handoff, settle in, and pull it down. I get to about one inch from my chest, and I have to take it back up. Good news, I was able to lock that back up on my own own.

I take off the shirt, and man, the sides of my chest and backs of my arms are all scraped up, and I'm sore in places on my back and chest I haven't felt sore in for awhile!

Thinking back, and reading what a lot of you guys have said, I realized two things. One, I need to tuck my elbows more and maybe drop the weight quicker (?). I'm going to go a bit lighter today with 335 and see if I can find the groove of the shirt better, as I would like to use it Saturday in our state meet, otherwise, I'll go raw again. Either way, I'm pretty pumped and excited about adding shirtwork to my rotation on ME days. 405 has been a goal of mine for a few years now, and seeing that it is within my grasp has really fueled the fire for me!

I just wanted to share this with you guys, as I've been reading up on shirts for about three years now, and it was great to finally see how things worked out. I can't wait for that shirt to break in a bit and I can hit the groove down to my chest. I'm getting pumped about getting to the gym while I'm sitting here typing this post up! :evillaugh:


03-07-2011, 10:48 AM
Don't use it in a meet yet.

You'll be surprised how much weight you can lift.

Get some video if possible.

Welcome to the club.