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03-16-2011, 11:37 AM
Starting Up a Journal Over Heeah!
Continued from my log on another forum that started being less relevant to my interests.

Been powerlifting for a couple years. Really started becoming obsessed and completely dedicated mid-later last year. Currently trying to put on as much mass as possible.

Height 6'

BW: 165 and climbing.

DE Squat W2D1 3/14/11
Sq: 225lbx2 235lbx2,2,2,2 245lbx2 255lbx2 265lbx2 275lbx1

Deficit Pulls:

Sumo Deadlifts:
A Bunch of light weights
Hips felt great, so...

367lbx1 Yay!

2lb less than my heaviest DL up to day, but I couldn't budge 325 sumo last time I tried.

Reverse Hyper: 3 sec up, 3 sec down reps
25kg x 12 for 3 sets


03-18-2011, 11:35 PM
3/17/11 Bench Day
135x? 155x3 165x3 175x1 155x1CG 135x5CG
Slingshot (just for fun):175 185 185x5 200 205 210 215 220
DB Floor Press (paused at bottom): 65x5x5
Pendlay:185x5 195x5 185x6 205x6 155x8 (strict row style)
Face Pulls: 120 total reps with bunch O's different weights and 2/3 done with external rotation
Curls:37.5DB's x8repsx4sets
Buddy was like "lets press some dumbells!" I answered "**** yes"
37.5x5 40x5 45x5 50x5 50x5 55x1+bucket of fail.

3/18/11 Squat
Below Parallel Box: 255x2 275x1 285x1 300x2 245x5 245x5 245x8
3.5" Deficit Deadlifts: 275x2repsx4 sets 297x2 297x2 308x2 308x2 319x2 330x2 341x1
Hyperextensions (3 sec up, 3 sec down, 2 count hold @ top):45lb x 12 for 3 sets
Ab Rollouts: BWx10 BW+11lbx10 BW+22lbx10


03-22-2011, 12:02 AM
Car Push: ~100ft x 6 supersetted with bunches of kettlebell swings for conditioning
Pullups: 25x3x2 45x3x2 55x2x2
Cable Pulldowns: 140x8 x2sets 160x8
Hammer Strength Pulldowns (for high rep sets b/c this machine is easy on the shoulders): 3 plates x16+4
DB OHP: 50x3 50x5 50x7
Floor Press: 135x5x3 155x3 + a bunch w. slingshot for fun

Sunday (Bored as hell, decided to go to gym w/ Guido)
Trap jack- 125x10 115x10 ..... 5x10
Bunch of Preacher curls
Bunch of Hammer curls

Today, Monday W3D1
DE Box Squat on a really, really low box
185x2x2sets 225x2x4sets 235x2 245x2 255x2

Pin GM's (starting in bottom position on pins):
145x8 148x10 155x8

BW GHR supersetted w/ 55lb Reverse Hypers: 12reps/10reps x 3

Bunch of abs stuff with kettlebells.

48" box jump

03-22-2011, 07:11 PM
ME Bench:
135x3 155x3 165x1 175x2 175x2 175x2 175x2 9 sets of 135x5
Slingshot 4 fun: 185, 205, 215
DB OHP : 50x5 50x5 55x7
Rows: 185x5 185x5 205x5 185x5 195x5
Ab Rollouts: BW x 10 BW+11lb x10 BW+22lbx10
Bunch of hip raises and other hip work.

03-24-2011, 05:59 PM

Farmers Walk: 330lb x hallway back and forth (prob a bit more than 100 feet one way)

Pullups: 25lbx5 25x5 45x3 45x3 55x3 55x3 BWx10 BWx A Bunch

Bunch O' Planks

ME Squat @ USA Gym W/ Ian Estabro
1 Hole on box, no mat
185x3 225x1 225x2
255x1 275x1 285x1 295x1 305xfail 305x1 HELLS YEAH!
245x5 245x7

Pin GM's (start @ bottom)
145x8 165x8 175x9

Spine GM's w/ SSB (watch So You Think You Can Squat 4 by EFS)
95x5 105x12 115x12 125x12

2 Plate Deficit Deadlifts:
285x2x2 325x2x2 345x1

03-25-2011, 05:44 PM
3/25/11 W3D4 Raged w/ the Estabro @ USA Gym

Today was a clusterfuck. It was my last day @ USA Gym, so I decided to include a bunch of extra exercises.

DE Bench: 135x3x6sets 155x3 155x3
When I loaded, I thought the 155's were 145's. Then I realized my fail, and turned it into a win!

BB Rows:
Strict: 185x5 185x5 195x5 195x5
Pendlay: 205x5

Supersetted w/ the Rows: Lat Pulldowns to chest
130x8 140x5 160x10 160x10

Close Grip: WTF, awesome strength with these today!
135x5 145x3 155x3 165x3 175x1
Everything was super fast. I could have doubled or tripled the 175, but decided not too as to not overwork my left shoulder.

DB Tricep Extensions:
35x10 40x8 45x8
I really only do these to keep my elbows healthy. My tricep insertion area actually starts to hurt and give out before my actual triceps....

70x7 Used a non-rotating barbell, PHAIL
65x8 + 3 negatives
65x8 + 3 negatives

DB Curls:


Bunch of pullups: did a bunch of sets of 5-10 using chains as handles. Like towel pullups, but with these random chains that were hanging from the rafters at the gym.