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03-22-2011, 03:49 PM
i am in the 5th week of my wsb routine and am finding i have questions that i can not answer because ive never prepared for a meet before. the first one is for bench i roate from full range to one week to partial range the next and i dont know if i should work the next 4 weeks like i have or tone the weight down before the comp like a week or two in advance, also i do still work the main lift like i have been should i max out and see if i can get a new max before the meet or not this goes for the squat and dead too. Also what should i do the last week just work on bench , dead , and squat and use 135 and practice form or take the week off. and can i use and singlet like inzer, house of pain , or metal for a ssa meet and can i use knee wrap or sleeves for a raw meet for the ssa. thanks any feedback will be appreciated

03-22-2011, 04:10 PM
I'm not quite sure I understand the question, but generally I would not lift the week leading up to the meet. Two weeks out, which is your last week training, you would generally work up to your opener on all three lifts and then do assistance work.

I don't see any reason to try to set PRs on the competition lifts when you are this close to the meet. Why not just save it for the meet? As long as you are comfortable with you openers then there is nothing to worry about.

Make sure you open light since it is your first meet. This should be a weight you can hit any day of the week easily. You can always make big jumps for your second and third attempts.

03-22-2011, 04:11 PM
Also, I would check the federation website for what is allowed as far as equipment in the SSA.