View Full Version : At Large Supplements in Dubai

03-23-2011, 12:02 AM
Hi all,

I posted a similar message in the At Large cat however its not very popular in there and no response.

Here is a portion of it.

I like the look of a couple of the products (I have some similar gear, ( Muscletech BCAA Hardcore, Optimum Nutrition gold standard Whey, Hydroxcut Advanced and Labrada Nutrition 100% L-Glutamine that was given to me) but am prepared to throw these out and get At Large Nutrition products.

The problem is that the rather stupid/ignorant customs officers here in Dubai never let anything like that through. Do you have a supplier of your products here, and if not would you be interested in setting up import/export?

Really keen to get my hands on some, oh and mods, sorry for any double posting (if this counts) :shoot: