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03-26-2011, 05:23 PM
Ok guys, so here's a little rundown of what happened, and some fuzzy thoughts about the day. I lifted in the Junior 140kg (308lbs) class at a bodyweight of 127.7kg (281.5lbs). Had it not been the end of semester, I would have cut, but screw it.

There was only one monolift at the meet, so I warmed up to 405 in the back room, walked out in briefs (never want to do THAT again :P) then suited up on the platform, and finished with a 330kg squat to get ready.

1st Attempt: 390kg - Turned down 2-1 on depth. I rushed it, and to be honest, probably should have paid a bit more attention. I figured it was a foregone conclusion and it cost me.
2nd Attempt: 390kg - 2 Whites, 1 Red. It passed, it wasn't pretty but it passed.
3rd Attempt: 410kg - Turned down 2-1. I was an inch or so high, and the judges made the right call. Had I let it settle, I would have had it. That being said, I'm glad the judges didn't give it as a gift.

Wasn't sure how this'd go, since I've been in that shirt twice ever, and been woefully inconsistant the last few months.

1st Attempt: 227.5kg - 3 Whites. Easy enough
2nd Attempt: 250kg - Collar slid up, took forever to touch since I was off balance and went nowhere fast.
3rd Attempt: 251kg - 3 whites. Pulled the collar down, actually got it to stay and smoked it.

1st Attempt: 250kg - 3 Whites. Gave me a Total PR
2nd Attempt: 275kg - 3 Whites. Best I've ever hit in a meet
3rd Attempt: 286kg - 3 Whites. Easiest pull of the day, a big pr, and a lot left on the platform.

Totaled 927kg, but since its rounded down to the nearest 2.5, it officially was 925kg.

The Good:
41kg Total PR
Tied or Broke all 4 CPF Amateur Jr. National Records
2nd Elite total
First 2000+lbs total
First "Best Lifter"
My deadlift has really taken off. I was probably good for something north of 295. At nationals, I think I'll need to take a shot at a long time goal of 302.5kg (666lbs)

The Bad
Need to work depth more on the squat
Need more time in the bench shirt
Need to gameplan a bit better and not leave weight on the platform.

Muchos thanks to Clint, Tom, Jeff, Clark, Matt & the Whole ANVIL POWER crew

03-26-2011, 09:58 PM
Very sick Chris congrats!

03-27-2011, 02:10 AM
Congrats! sounds like it was a really good meet.

sounds like a 900+ squat is going to come very quickly.

03-27-2011, 06:11 AM
Thanks guys!