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03-28-2011, 08:35 PM
I am two weeks out from a meet and weigh 226. This is my third full meet and lifted in the 242's in the past two meets but only weighed 226 and 230. I have talked to other lifters who are cutting over 10 lbs for the same meet and am contemplating trying to loose 6 lbs of water weight to lift in the 220's. I have never cut weight before and dont really know how to go about it or if it will effect my strength. The meet has a 24 hr weigh in, and I'd only have 6-7 lbs to cut. If anyone could offer insight on cutting weight that would be great. Thanks!

Dan Fanelli
03-28-2011, 08:59 PM
Just do a search on the net. 6lbs is going to be nothing. Some guys cut like 20-30lbs.

03-28-2011, 10:19 PM
It's super easy....... in a nutshell:

Weigh yourself AM and PM to see how much you gain throughout the day, and how much weight you sweat and fart out in your sleep.

Know how heavy you have to be for your gear to fit right.

Then at a week out from the weigh in, start drinking a ton of water..... a gallon+ ( I go close to 1.75 gallons, but I'm 300#) and keep your diet the same.

At 3 days out from weigh-ins cut out sodium completely and switch to distilled water.

The day before have your coffee in the morning ( also made with distilled water) then stop drinking and eating.....
watch your weight over this time so you know how far you have left. If you are ahead then you can eat a little more or drink more the day before which will go a long way to keep you from killing someone during this time.

This is also why you weighed yourself PM then AM to see how much you lost in your sleep..... because you can count on something close to this the night before. For my last meet I cut from 317 to 306. I fell asleep the night before at 309ish and woke up 306.

Then after weigh-ins get some chinese food and pedialyte and enjoy the bloat-athon....

This is just what I do, I'm sure that there are others on here who are better at this, or have it down better than I do. Just sharing my $0.02

03-28-2011, 11:30 PM
I do about the same as above, but I will load salt + water starting 3-4 weeks out.

6lbs you shouldn't have to sweat any out. But if you did, the trick is to be dehydrated for the shortest time possible.. IE don't start sweating at 6pm for a 9am weigh in unless you have a ton of weight to lose. Start at 4-5am.

I won't cut more than 15lbs.. and I prefer <10. I find I can get my weight back, but my body is just physically tired if I cut to much (ive cut 20 before).

All that being said, I wish i never cut any weight in many of my past meets. Unless you are going for a significant record or there is money on the line, I don't see the point. Ive seen people attempting to cut 10+lbs for their first meet and it rarely works out well.