View Full Version : A lil help please?

03-29-2011, 03:09 PM
Hey guys im in need of some help, i am 25 years old and used to weigh 21 stone, i lost alot of weight and now weigh 14 stone, i have some muscle but also have some fat remaining, i want to bulk up to about 16 stone of muscle, ive been weight training now for 9 months and have good arms and shoulders, so do have lean muscle, but ive read in order to get bulked up i have to increase calorie intake, i currently eat around 1200 cals a day, im very obsessed with my weight and im terrified that i will put on fat not muscle, any advice on how many calories i should intake and how much weight training i should do to make sure remaining fat is burnt and more muscle grown, i hope ive made sense here. My height is also 6ft. Thanks guys sorry if i didnt explain brilliantly.