View Full Version : Special Sale with a KICKER!!! First time ever!

chris mason
04-07-2011, 09:44 AM
RESULTS sale with a kicker!

For the first time ever we are going to offer a generous discount on a product AND provide you a discount code for your next order!

Starting Thursday, April 7th and running through Tuesday, April 12th, RESULTS, our #1 strength, performance, and size supplement will be discounted $8 per jug! Upon shipment of your order we will ALSO send you a code good for 5% off your next order total! The code will be good for any and all AtLarge products!

Due to our limited ad budget (compared to the major players in the industry) RESULTS is quite likely the best supplement “secret” in the industry. It has fueled multiple all-time records in strength sports and also fuels one of the most elite CrossFit athletes in the world (Chris Spealler). It’s THAT GOOD!!!

If you have already tried RESULTS you KNOW what it can do for your training. If not, get yours and join the thousands of others setting personal records each and every session in the gym.

This is an unprecedented offer. We think perhaps ownership has gone a bit batty :evillaugh:. Take advantage of it now!