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05-21-2002, 08:40 AM
K.. here is my background.. i eat really badly.. either one or 2 meals a day.. and dont get NEAR my needed protein intake.. so i revised my diet. I dont have the willpower right now to go completly to a hard core diet, but i figure some change is better then none..
here is what i have started doing..
eating more meals per day.
i REALLY like tuna, and i have no problem devouring a can of tuna which is aobut 29g of protein, 1g fat and zero carbs.
Im baking boneless skinless chicken breasts..

so what i am doing is in the morning, i have a "bar" or eat.. either a protein bar or a 'meal replacement bar"
then i have a can of tuna , 2-3 hours later one full chicken breast, and then another can of tuna. in the evening i will either have more tuna, a chicken breast, or a betastatin shake.

i am also eating various vegtables during the day.. either some baby carrots ( raw) or beans/corn.

what do you guys think of this diet? i am working heavy weights, and am going to start cardio on monday next week.
thanks in advance.

05-21-2002, 09:11 AM
Need more carbs and more fat from the looks of it. I haven't tried to calculate the ratios though...I suggest you figure out how much protein/carb/fat you are eating and start working from there.

To help even more, your stats (height, weight, etc.) and goals (i.e. cutting or bulking) would be great.

05-21-2002, 11:48 AM
stats.. o.k..
5'7" 287 lbs @ 28% ( had this checked and confirmed)
my goal is to keep gaining some muscle mass, but burn off fat. I am not looking for the kinda weight loss that would come from a SERIOUS weight loss diet, but just slowly lose weight as i gain muscle.
i have set my goals in 3 stages.
(1) 275lbs
(2) 245 lbs
(3) 225 lbs.

currently i am workin on goal number 1.

How much fat and carbs do i need in my diet?
also, turkey is not an option i cannot eat it.. i HATE the way it tastes..
thanks guys.

05-21-2002, 12:21 PM
When in doubt, eat chicken =P.

Your goals look great. Taking it one step at a time and making sure you aren't trying to rush your body is a good start.

If you're aiming to cut the fat, multiply your weight by 12 and it's a good start at your caloric intake for a cutting diet. You won't gain as much muscle mass, but you should get some and look leaner.