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04-22-2011, 04:59 PM
Hey guys whats up my names Alex im 21 i had been doing the hct-12 for 5 months when it first came out started out at 151 pounds ended at 185, i got really sick and lost all my weight i was back to 150 and now i'm at 161. last month i started it up again and im back to basics lol.

I'm doing the 4 day split. ill list what i started at for all the exercises up to now gonna add some pics soon

chin-up = body weight i'm now at 20 pounds added
one-arm dumbbell row started out at 35 im doing 70 pounds now
bench- strugled at 130 can do 170 for my sets now
standing barbell press- 65 pounds started at now doing 95 pounds
dips started body weight doing 50 pounds now
barbell curl- started at 50 doing 80 now
for my abs i decided to do the p90x ab ripper going very well
my calfs im doing the p90x calf workout cant stand when im done lol
squat started out at 150 doing 220 now

iv'e come a very long way for just a month back it was liek i never lifted befor

Todays workout

Vertical Pulling/ close grip chin ups- BW 1x6 20 pounds 2x6 im doing close grip chin ups i need to buy a new bar so i can do wides which im sure i can do alot more weight then close gripped

Horizontal / Pulling one arm dumbbell rows- 50 1x6, 70 2x6

Horizontal / Pressing bench- 130 1x8, 145 1x6, 170 2x6

Vertical Pressing / standing barbell press- 65 1x6, 2x95

Triceps / dips - BW 1x10, 40 2x6 felt like i coulda done alot more weight but need a new belt to hold more weight anyone no where to get a good one?

shrugs- 165 3x10

i did all 2x2x2x2 except for shrugs didn't wanna type it every time. im eating over 3,500 calories a day gonna try to get back to 185

also i posted what i ate today for my diet feal free to check it out and let me no what you think about it

ignor the daily goal look at the total part lol stupid site is made for losing weight