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04-29-2011, 12:16 AM
Hey guys, little back story:

I'm nursing a lower back injury and a rotator cuff injury. Both are going really well and I'm really optimistic about the next few weeks. One of the only things I could do lately was front squat, so I did a Smolov Base meso and am now doing the switching part.

During that time, I pretty much went paleo, with very few carbs but the calories were enough to gain strength(30pound PR). I'm not a big guy, I feel I need a lot more muscle right now, but I cut because I figured it was the only logical thing to do considering injuries. But waking up every day and seeing the fat drop off slowly is a pretty awesome feeling. I feel I'm a few weeks from being shredded.

Anyways, I want to finish the Smolov intense cycle, but I'm wondering if continuing with the paleo + no post workout shake is going to destroy me.I'll try to do it and I will post results here for future reference, but I want need some more experienced opinions. I'm not going to do much lifting outside the front squatting, but I'm wondering if the caloric restriction is going to kill my recovery completely or delay my injury restoration. How would you guys handle your nutrition is this situation? I've been really liking the cut (didn't chose paleo for any scientific reason, just because it was easy for me to do a high meat, high fruit/veggie, medium fat diet).


04-29-2011, 12:41 AM
Injury recovery should be your number one priority. Keep a constant eye on that and if the recovery seems to become stagnant or backtrack I would ease up no question about it.

Out of curiosity, which rotator muscle did you injure and to what extent?

04-29-2011, 01:28 AM
I don't know which muscle it is, but I will ask my doctor friend. I have discomfort when I overhead press, but pain when I bench press. I can lateral raise with almost no pain. I got my injury doing a max effort bench, I was too close to the pins and hit one of them on the way up, then felt a slight discomfort.

I don't think it's very serious, I got the OK from the doctor last week, but I'm waiting until I'm pain free or close to it. YTWL's, band pull aparts, shoulder dislocates, indian clubs have all been very good to me.

Shaun Mirjavadi
05-05-2011, 05:31 AM
I like the anti inflammatory effects of the Paleo diet, Ive used it in the past. You don't have to be in calorie restriction if you don't want to. Just add more paleo calories. I think the benefits of the amount of quality nutrients in those foods outweigh the benefits of a bunch of extra calories. Essential fats are of great importance to healing joints and many injuries, more so than surplus of calories. You can eat a post workout meal that is better than a shake anyways. When I did Paleo eating, my post workout meal was some steak, 1 cup of summer squash, broccoli, and an apple or a bowl of berries for dessert. Usually I threw a tbsp of olive oil on my veggies. You might consider doing that. It depends on your size and what not, but there is no reason that you can't get the same macros that you need to build mass on this meal plan as any other. Its really a great diet/ lifestyle.

As for the rotator cuff, I tore mine up years ago and avoided surgery. A year or so ago, it was really aggravated. I couldn't box, even on the bag. My coach sent me to a sport med doctor who specialized in shoulder injuries. He had developed a peice of equipment to rehab the shoulder completely. He did so after he tore his own rotator cuff. He's done a ton of studies with it, and its been really successful. So far, he is 100% successful healing people with these injuries without surgery. I did an interview and wrote an article about it, Its going up on my blog this week. When it does, Ill send you a link. You can check it out at www.rotatorreliever.com
He even gave me a discount code because I had my coach get a few for warm up/ prehab purposes so that people didnt tear up their shoulders. It works great, strengthening my rotator cuffs has really helped me develop more shoulder strength in general. The code is SHAUN10 (in caps) if you end up ordering. It gets you free shipping and saves you 10 or 15 bucks. I swear by this thing, I think everybody should have one. Feels damn good too, almost instantly makes you feel better. Helped my neck pain too. 100% money back guarantee. Sorry, I don't mean to sound like a salesman, Ive just had a few major injuries and when I find something that actually works without cutting me open again, I become passionate about it! Hope this helps.

05-05-2011, 10:40 AM
Injury recovery should be your number one priority. Keep a constant eye on that and if the recovery seems to become stagnant or backtrack I would ease up no question about it.

This has to be the most important thing.

I am not well hearsed about the Paleo diet, but I would believe that keeping the healtier fats higher would be of benefit. Depending on your calorie breakdown and your beliefs on post workout nutrition you can adjust so most of your daily carbs are taken around that time while you fill in your calories throughout the rest of the day.

What Shawn recommended sounds very solid too with regards to the post workout meal. I have been playing around with my nutritional beliefs and I would very much increase fat intake when trying to nurse an injury back to health. Depending on the injury I may also up the calories in hopes that it allows for more potential recovery abilities.

I don't know if there's one best method, but keeping the fats higher will be more beneficial than hurtful IMO.

I wouldn't push things too far as you want to be smart about it. If you aren't pushing yourself to extreme with the weights and cardio then you won't be hurting yourself on the lower calorie diet.

05-09-2011, 07:18 PM
Thanks for the advice guys.

The low carb diet was going well for the weeks I did it. But the workouts were relatively easy or medium at the most, especially due to my back and shoulder injury.

Both are almost gone, especially the shoulder, so I've gone back to benching, deadlifting on top of the intense Smolov cycle. I'm happy in one sense because the injuries are healing quickly, but it's added quite a bit to my planned workload.

What happened lately is, I haven't been able to recover from workout to workout (training 4 days a week). Even if I bumped my fat intake, there aren't many food choices available in this kind of diet. So I bumped calories by adding carbs and a pretty big, calorie dense PWO recovery drink (dextrose, creatine, BCAAs, protein, milk, flax oil, fiber). The calories came out at about maintenance for me (3000 or so, maybe a bit more).

Still not enough to support my workouts. I went for training today and was destroyed, though I did all my sets. First 3 workouts were fine with the added carbs, but the last two have been very tough.

I still have 3 weeks to get through for this training cycle, so I'm bumping calories up even more. I'm going to have to gain weight to survive Smolov. I'll do a proper cut with lean meat and proper macros when I take a break from powerlifting. This is the 2nd time I try to diet during a training cycle and I failed again, I do way too much work during my workouts.