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05-03-2011, 06:22 PM
Had my first competition on April 9th 2011.

It is now May 3rd of 2011 and I have put 30 pounds back on.


1) How quickly can I lose the weight again without losing muscle.
2) How can I enjoy eating but still look amazing?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated - or if there is a support group for recovering BB's :)

Off Road
05-04-2011, 08:04 AM
Moving this to the Nutrition Forum as I'm curious what some of the competitors would say about it.

05-04-2011, 09:40 AM
Stop eatting so much damn food!

That's my first comment. I assume you are still eatting rather large compared to what you were before the contest. Go back to eatting smaller meals and lower your calories and you'll lose weight.

There is no magical protocol. Go back to what you were doing before the show as that is what you did to lose the weight in the first place. Why would you expect to drop weight while not doing something at least similar to what you did leading up to the show. It's a simple equation of lowering calories and possibly adding in cardio that helps equate to losing weight. You could follow those same guidelines for 4 weeks and be back to presentable condition, but you will lose it all again if you continue the binge eatting ways.

I say to stop eatting because I kept eatting like shit after my first contest and I put on a great deal of weight within a short period of time. 20 pounds within 6 weeks and I didn't look anything like the man that stepped on stage. If this was your first contest you learned the mistake of binge eatting for too long. Sure 1-2 days, but you have to clean it back up quickly there after. I plan on doing a better job after this contest with my crap eatting.

Most guys binge like crazy after the contest. It takes a great amount of will power to resist the urge to binge like that. Obviously you have binged and realize that wasn't the best idea, it happens.

I think it's a given to gain a good 8-10 pounds after a contest, maybe more, maybe less, but it varies.

I don't know if there would be a benefit to get back to stage condition unless you are specifically doing a contest again. If you got back to the diet you followed leading up to the show then I believe you would drop 4-6 pounds of water and bloat within the first few days. You could then probably expect to lose weight consistently for a few weeks there after. Your metabolism should still be firing right now due to the increased foods and you would benefit from dropping your calories back down.

You could look to find a middle grounds between dieting but not dieting in such a extreme manner.

Maybe just larger portions but eatting clean. Keep calories under 2,500, and I am assuming that you were under 2,000 calories weeks prior to the show and that your maintenance is over 2,500.

You could keep cardio in your routine, even if it was just 3 days a week and shorter periods.

05-04-2011, 10:08 AM

Yea, I know what to do, the hardest part is just psychologically being on such a strict diet for so long, i literally could not stop eating.
back on the diet now, but it nice to see how others cope after their first contest. I'm doing another in October and it will be interesting to see how I react after that one.

05-04-2011, 10:46 AM
I actually just went through the same thing. I was dieting hella strict for 16 weeks and went on a 4 day binge, I went from 180 pounds to a high of 216 in those 4 days. Right now I'm back to the 190 area in just under two weeks. The first step was to stop binging...cut out the junk, I also decided to go very low carb to cut the bloat as fast as possible and see how much of the gain was actually fat.

Good luck with it man, as Scott told me, you need to have willpower! There's a bunch of good advice in my log about the matter too if you're interested. It really helped me and would help you too in my opinion.

05-04-2011, 03:38 PM
I gained 23 lbs in 24 hours post contest 3 weeks back...

I'm now hovering at 20 lbs over my contest weight but my binges ended after 5 days. I cleaned up my diet, started cardio again and hit the weights harder than ever. Still weighing 20 lbs heavier though.

I honestly like being bigger, but most of it is just water weight. A few weeks of dieting and I'd be back in shape easily.

As TP said, if you want to be lean so badly then it should be pretty obvious to do whatever you did before to get back into that condition?

And damn Kibbles, 34 lbs?? Holy shit!! hahaha

05-04-2011, 03:44 PM
Would you gentlemen recommend going back on the fat burners in addition to the diet and cardio, or just diet and cardio.

05-04-2011, 04:01 PM
Would you gentlemen recommend going back on the fat burners in addition to the diet and cardio, or just diet and cardio.

I'm currently running ECA, helps to curb my appetite to binge like a madman and also gives me some peace of mind.

Shaun Mirjavadi
05-05-2011, 06:14 AM
Well you dont necessarily want to get used to running fat burners all of the time. They can raise cortisol, and you just get too used to them and they won't work the way that you want them to at contest time. You want to use the minimal amount to get the job done, which is mostly psychological, and maybe a little appetite supressant. They don't really burn fat noticeably, cardio and diet does.

My first contest, like many do, I went about many things all wrong. I cut water and sodium too early, I freaked out and cut out carbs and dairy completely, and many other things that looking back, I could shoot myself for. I knew better, but I always thought I looked behind schedule. Only afterwards, looking at pictures, did I realize that I was on track until I freaked out. That all lead me to a "perfect storm" for some major bloat. I developed an allergy to lactose, so when I had a glass of milk with cookies after the comp, It formed a plug in my gut and bloated me up. I felt like I had an airhose in my gut! Seriously, I had to call in to work for 3 days! I gained 50lbs in 2 weeks. I couldn't even pee! I had some bad edema.

I go about post contest nutrition with some thought now. Obviously, you're going to want to chow somewhat. The key in those first few "chow down" days is water. Pound it, like 2 gal a day, and keep it flushing so that you have less retention. Your tissues are going to be highly sensitive to insulin and sodium, which is ok. So do this, chow for a few days, then go back on your clean diet, but a much higher calorie version. You will be highly anabolic and will grow more that time than you probobly will all year long. After 1 month of this, follow it with a month of a contest type of diet. If you ate clean, you won't have gained too much fat, so in a month you will probably find yourself looking almost as lean as you did for your show, but significantly heavier. Now ease in to your "off season" mode with your new lean gains. Keep it clean though! If you get out of hand for a day or two, throw in a couple of lower days so that you ward off too much fat gain. I never like for people to gain much over 20-25lbs over their contest weight. Also, you will utilize nutrients much better and get better workouts and gains at a healthy bodyfat level. So don't get up to 15-20% bf! Try to stay around 12 or less. Thats my 2 cents.