View Full Version : losing water weight before a meet

05-14-2011, 02:00 PM
Assuming I will weight close to 230 and bloated before a meet, I am looking on the chances of making the 220lb weight classes. Whats the most weight youve cut in a couple days for a meet and how did you do it? thanks

05-14-2011, 05:31 PM
10 lbs is an easy cut. I cut from 322 to 306 for my last meet. I lift with a really good 181'er who cuts from 195.

eat and train normal.

assuming you weigh in on a friday

Sunday and Monday eat normal but drink 1.5+ gallons of water

Tuesday night, then Wed and Thursday morning cut out all salt and switch to distilled water and coffee.

Weigh at night before bed and in the morning, you'll fart and sweat out a few pounds over night and you want to know how much that is.
Depending on how close to weight you are on Thursday morning you might get to eat ( but no salt) and drink ( distilled water still) or it might be time to cut all of that out and start to dry out.

Some guys use a laxative, but I've never tried it....

I lose 3-4 lbs over night so I like to be 1 or 2 over the night before weigh ins so that I can get up, weigh in and not think too hard about it.
If you still have a few to go the morning of weigh ins then it's time to sweat it out in a hot bath ( not shower, and not exercising ) or sauna.

Then weigh in and start eating like it's your job. I like gatorades, pedia lite, V8.....

good luck