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Lones Green
06-14-2011, 02:09 PM
Hey guys, I have a question that I think some of you might be able to help me with.

Up until now, I've done meets at 308 and weighed between 290-299. Recently, I've leaned out quite a bit and my weight is sitting around 284 in the mornings. I did this just by decreasing calories a little bit and keeping my volume and pace up on speed days.

I thought it'd be worth giving a meet at 275 a go, since I'm sitting just right above it. So I bit the bullet and am having Ginny take some of my gear in. My last two meets have been huge PR totals, and everything is starting to fit together and I think its time to try and post a decent total.

Up until this point I never really had to worry about keeping my weight down before a meet, my weight always raised a bit getting closer to a meet as my strength went up. That never really mattered though, it was never over 300 pounds.

My question is, for those of you that have to, what do you do to keep your weight down in the weeks leading up to a meet? I'm not looking for some huge, drastic diet change or anything like that. I eat fairly clean and cheat once a week or less, I'm looking for something like some kind of cardio (sled dragging a couple times a week in the morning on an empty stomach, maybe?) or something like that. Do "fat burner" supplements work? What do you guys do?

I did a test run a couple years ago cutting weight when I was younger and a little bit more stupid, and dropped about 20 pounds from 295 to 275. This was absolutely miserable, if I could avoid cutting that much again, I think my lifting would be much stronger. So cutting water can be done, and will probably have to be done. But I'd like to keep that to as small of an amount as possible.

Obviously I don't want this to have any impact on my strength if at all possible.

Thanks for reading, any and all tips are appreciated!

06-14-2011, 02:39 PM
Keep your weight where you are. Cut carbs the week before for a few lbs. Then you just have to sauna or hot bath a few lbs off or water manipulate. That would be easy. It's making that full 20 within 24 hrs that sucks. 10 lbs is nothing.

Lones Green
06-14-2011, 02:46 PM
Thanks Vin. I posted this thread here too just hoping I'd hear from you twice, haha. I enjoyed the radio show last night as well.

Tom Mutaffis
06-14-2011, 05:35 PM
I agree with Vincent on the water manipulation being the best option in terms of maintaining your strength, especially if you have a meet coming up in the relatively near future.

06-14-2011, 07:25 PM
Just be sure to keep away from crabs till weigh in if you cut them out the last week. I made a big blunder last year and carb cycled for a few weeks and lost 20 lbs. But the last week I decide to carb up and gained 8 lbs in 4 days before the weight in. I thought I would be fine but the crabs made me retain a shit load of water as my tolerance was way low for starch foods.

06-15-2011, 12:37 PM
Keep carbs low, avoid dairy and grains altogether (they bloat), and watch your sodium a few days out. Bump potassium and waterload. If you have a 24 hour weighin, sauna it up for the last few pounds. Try not to go overboard the last week with throwing in ways to cut weight. Relax and trust the method. Sleep is crucial here too.

Even as important as cutting weight is, regaining it back properly is just as important. Many guys will want to gorge down and forget about electrolytes and getting fluids in and can't sleep the night before.