View Full Version : new to wbb. never got serious about lifting. until now?

06-20-2011, 09:26 PM
im 24 years old in the military. im in alright shape i guess i can run the personel fitness test they make us do 1.5 miles in 12 minutes 60 push ups 60 situps. im 5 10 210. i have access to a pretty good gym on base 100 feet from my work with a pool. plus me and my wife are about to get a ymca membership( they have free childcare and its 50 a month) so i figure everything is lining up for me to finally get serious ive been saying im gonna do it for ever. my goal isnt to get ronnie coleman big necessarily but just get bigger than i am now toned up and lose body fat. ill be honest off the start my diet and nutrition are aweful and will probably continue to be. we eat out alot my wife is trying to lose weight now to plus with the y membership im hoping we can get it together a little better i know im not gonna eat skinless chicken breast every 4 hours but eating healthier is a good start and one im happy with. so thats my first journal entry. i dont know what im gonna do for workouts yet weather its weights or what i know im gonna try to swim for a bulk of my cardio.