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06-21-2011, 12:42 PM
i decided to start a log to see my progress and get advice. my name is doug and im 28. ive been training off and on for about 5 years now (fighting knee and foot problems). im trying to cut bodyfat and get bigger and stronger. im about 292 lbs right now (not sure about bf %, probably upper 20's), and i want to get to around 250-260 lbs as of now. i would like to eventually do a powerlifting meet well down the road. im planning on doing the 5/3/1 for powerlifting.

supps are: nitrean, ets, results, multi, and fish oil

cardio will be on off days and will consist of: tire drags, tire pulls, stair machine, bike, ect...

thusrsday 6/16: this was just a get back into the groove of things and see where im at (i had a kinda long layoff cause life happens).

squats: bar 1x6-7, 135 1x4, 185 1x3, 225 1x3, 275 1x2/ 2x1, 295 2x1

leg press: 360 (+sled) 1x10, 1x5, supersetted with calf raises: 360 2x20

bench: bar 1x10, 95 1x8, 135 1x5, 185 1x3, 205 2x1, 215 1x1

rope pushdowns: 50 3x10

i didnt want to do too much, i just wanted to get the feel for things again. everything is weight setsxreps