View Full Version : APT APEX III 3 ply shirt for sale or trade (No reps in it)

06-27-2011, 11:44 PM
Took this in on a trade a while back. No reps in it by me or the previous owner (new condition). Sells for 234.95 on APT's site. It's a size 54. APT says that is the correct size for a 50 in. chest. My chest is 54". I can get it on easily but the chest is too narrow for me to get out to my normal grip (widest legal). This shirt is very thick and heavy, and the seams are extremely reinforced as well as the neck.

I'll take 115.00 and I'll pay the shipping or I'll consider trading for a Titan 1 or 2 ply F6 (size 50 or 52), or a Titan 1 ply Katana (size 50 or 52) in un-used or lightly used condition.

Would also consider a 46 or 48 Titan Super Centurion wide stance squat suit as trade.