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Polish Viking
06-29-2011, 10:47 AM
Well let me just introduce myself. I started out weight lifting as a bigger guy in high school, I was 290 during my sophomore year, by winter Junior year I had started to lift weights, not really a routine just doing a whole bunch of everything with no direction, untill I read a couple muscle mags(they actually worked quite well for me). On new years of 07 I made a commitment I would lose the weight and see 199. I took me 6 months I went from 275 to 195 I had met that goal on June 9th. I had a lot of fun that summer and I sort of stopped lifting all summer kind of got back into after but not really. I got a couple girlfriends and one long term. After getting out of that crap I decided I needed to do me so I have been lifting seriously since December 09.

Coming to present day somewhat I wrestled last fall and went Higher rep and lots of endurance. I was particing 3 times a day 4 days a week going on about 1500-1800 calories(didn't lose to much mass surprisingly or strength). I was a big guy but after the season when I was lifting with the 156 pounder and was benching 335 and squatting 450 I knew it was time for a change. Body part splits have made me big definitely, sure they made me strong but obviously not enough. I know that tons of volume, heavy weight and a sore body really works for me, so I liked the way west side for skinny bastards looked, especially because of Thomas G who is just a monster using westside. I made some gains but not much and semi went back to a body part split working like a powerlifter which worked, but I think I went about it wrong.

Currently I thought I was going to be leaving in July for the marines so I started Strong Lifts 5x5 Inspired by KB. I started to high thinking I was leaving but now might be putting it off for a few years, so i dropped weight on the press, bench, and rows and left Deads, and squats alone to progress because I know I can do them, and I figure by the time I stall out on those it will be better for my upper body. I have a bunch of weaknesses from piss poor form and its nice to get it finally corrected but being weak suck. I know I can 2 board press 315 for 3 reps but my max bench is 255, and I can do 1/2 squats with 585x8 but 365x2 is my max for a just legal depth. however I love deadlifts and my current known max is 455.

Im hoping to see a 300# squat before I have to drop to 3x5 but I cant tell right now, I know Im working at 235 but I know a lot of it is because of a reduced diet to lose weight(kinda got a little sloppy on a bulk)
so hopefully in four weeks I can drop this 10 pounds and then lift at maintenance. I'm also fairly positive I can take my deadlift to at least 405 I'm hoping for 250, and a 225 on the bench would be super amazing. Rows Im confident Ill be able to get close to that, I always did Yates rows but my back is a bunch stronger than my chest I can crank out 3 pull ups with 75lbs

I really liked all the Volume KB is doing on his program so i am going to follow his lead because my body didn't respond that well to low volume before, so I guess we will see how all this goes.

Thursday June 23rd
Squat 5x5 225
bench 5x5 135
rows 5x5 135

SATURDAY June 25th
squat 5x5 230
press 5x5 95
deadlift 1x5 135, 185, 225, 285

Monday June 27th
squat 5x5 235
bench 5x5 140
rows 5x5 140

Lifts are still easy, also on a last note I would love to get into some strongman competitions.

Off Road
06-29-2011, 11:21 AM
Crazy...your biceps dwarf all your other bodyparts.

Polish Viking
06-30-2011, 03:49 PM
I know exactly what you saying. My biceps and back have always been my best body parts bicepts having awesome peak and well a little excessive curling lol.

Anyways Wednesday June 29th
Went and played with the marines last night. They spayed me real good lots of burpees, pushups, ab work, jump squats, and so on with zero rest. Well it hit me last night why my bench sucks so much like boom! I have little girl triceps I remember when it was strong imworked them more and now I barley give them attention so hopefully in two months I can have a decent bench. Was doing pushups and chest barley felt a pump but my triceps just shut down.

Thursday June 30th
Squats 240 5x5 first set felt heavy I'm thinking I'll be able to get to 275 but beyond that I have no idea still not resting a full minute yet
Press 100 5x5
Deadlift 295 1x5 was hard after warming up with no rest lol
Did some cleans for fun first time since November 135x3 EASY 185x3 felt it 225x3 challenching
Wide pull ups +10 5x5 superset with calf raises 155x18 215x12 255x10, 11 bw x 50
I wanted to ss with close grip bench also but some dbag just left all his crap on a bench and walked away and the other one was occupied by 3 kids playing around
So I seated DB press 65 x 10, 9

Left a few out was short on time but it was probably better that way was wiped out from all the killer work yesterday going past failure

Polish Viking
07-02-2011, 01:29 PM
July 2nd

Had an eventful night I am dieting down and the date I had last night just kept buying me alcohol which was nice lo,l but a little ridiculous. So I did a little more volume today to make up for the calories and believe me there wasn't a spot on my shirt not covered in sweat.

Defrancos agile 8

Squat 245 5x5 did these conventionally which I think is close to being maxed out I also took a video and hopefully you guys can let me know if I am deep enough.

Bench 145 5x5

row 145 5x5- pretty easy I see these going to at least 225

Chins +10 5x5 ss incline db press 80 x 9,8,6,7

Dips bw x10 +15x8 +30x8 ss BB curl 95x6,6,7 ss Calf raise 25,25,25

Intimidator complex 2 rounds no Strength left


Polish Viking
07-05-2011, 08:41 PM
Fourth of July weekend was quite eventful. Lots of fun and drunk shenanigans, definitely didn't help recovery and got some possible injuries, but hey its what being young is all about right? missed a day so made it up today.

July 5th

Defranco's Agile 8

Squat 250 5x5- Did this wide, I think conventionally will stall soon might make it to 275, but wide will definitely go 300 maybe more I would just be ecstatic if I made 325.

Military press 105 5x5 and a final max set of 16 I felt since the weight is still so Light I want to get a workout out of it. Doing this Im not sure if I injured myself or if it was drunken shenanigans from the weekend like climbing a big dumb tree.

Deadlift 305 1x5 wanted to go 3x5 but again my back was messed up from the weekend

Widegrip pull ups +15 5x5 these were really hard after dealifting I wonder if I should switch pull ups and chins- These were also brutal my shoulder started to hurt

Close grip bench 135x8 185x7,7 These really irritated the shoulder so I just stopped the workout and called it a day

Going to play with the marines tomorrow.

Polish Viking
07-07-2011, 10:17 PM
Thursday July 7th

Squat 255 5x5-Conventional, feeling strong and I feel the real weakness at this point with these is all forum related
Front squat 155x12 did these to add in extra work I want vascularity in my quads again damnit!!!

Bench 150 5x5 I want to know why I feel like such a weak bitch with Bench
150x16 I want an actual work set with this

Row 150 5x5 easy but getting a work now

Chins +15 3x5 wanted to drop the volume down for recovery I am shooting for about 2000-2500 calories a day and I was runing out of time so I also superseted them with Incline bench
Incline db 80x 9,6,6-out of steam after the 150 repped just can't do it with no carbs

BB curls 95x6+3+2, 7 65x13 SS with Dips Bw x 12 +30x7 +45x6

End workout- perhaps drastically cutting carbs wasn't the best way to go, however Ill pull through and keep on until I cannot recover or just lower my volume

Polish Viking
07-09-2011, 02:21 PM
Re feed today after workout awesome had 1800-2000 calories I really needed them my eye has been twitching like mad for the last wee.

Saturday July, 9th- I really felt like a beast today but ran out of gas after the first work sets

Squat 260 5x5 these were work after doing the extra front squats and just getting heavy

Military press 110 5x5 x15 I had another one but gave up like a little girl :(

Deadlift 315 1x5 x15 These were awesome I had atleast 20 in but I had one of the gay fat bars with crappy knurling and I just couldn't hold on, It was so funny after rep 10 I noticed I had the entire free weight are staring at me.

DB Oh press 70x8x6x5- after the first set of these there wasn't a whole lot left because I also did 2 sets of upright rows of 10 with the 110

BB close bench 135x8 185x5,5 135x11 Just nothing left in the tank for pressing

Lat pull down 150x15 195x10,9 SS Leg raises x15,12,15 SS Weighted rope crunch 72.5x15 82.5x15,13 The last set round pussy syndrome kicked in and I just kind of gave up early

After workout I definitely decided it was time for a re feed especially considering I gave blood after my workout.

Polish Viking
07-11-2011, 06:46 PM
Mon July 11th

A.M. weight 225 I was 220 sunday morning I'm hoping it was all water, But I definitly pigged out had some souther folks up and my friends birthday all I did all day was eat I'm gonna guesstimate somewhere around 12,000 calories had damn near 15 biscuits with gravy and chocolate gravy, 5 italian sausages, 5 serving or so of some veggie pasta and half a meatlovers pizza with stuffed crust.. Thats not even all of it.

Agile 8

Squat 265 5x5+1 jump squat at the end- Conventional and these smoked I really think 300 maybe even 315 is where this train is gonna stall.

Bench 155 5x5 x16-gahhh do I suck at bench still so easy tho

Row 155 5x5 x12

Reverse pressdown 52.5x15 72.5x12 SS Seated lateral raises 15x15,10- Both done Body builder style

Complexes 95lbs
-Hang Clean
-Push Press
-Front squat

Ball Crunches x30,20 SS Side raises 45x12,15

Off Road
07-11-2011, 08:50 PM
Good workout and that pizza sounds amazing.

Polish Viking
07-14-2011, 02:27 PM
Ahhh I like real pizza way better and I also love whole wheat crust.

I played with the marines yesterday and they play hard puked for the first time in my life because of physical activity, yesterday was so intense my workout today sucked

Thursday July 14

Squat 270 5x5 this was rather intense going wide because my glutes and quads were very exhausted today, gave me and my back a real fight today

Military press 115 5x5 x15 I don't know how I got these felt like a million pounds after 8 reps

Dead 325 1x5 - almost didn't do these but I was fine

DB press 70x8,6 just nothing there

Wide pulldown 145x15 205x10 175x6 nothing in the tank

Overhead DB tri ext 90x7 75x12 ss hammer curls 40x12,13 ss calves 195x12,16

Wanted 2 more sets but had to leave early.

Polish Viking
07-18-2011, 12:20 PM
Missed working out all weekend chicks suck sometimes, so this whole weekend was pretty much active recovery.

Monday July 18tha.m. Weight 225

Squat 275 5x5-these are starting to get heavy not that I can't do the, but I really have to pay attention to form or else it turns into a good morning which makes it increasingly difficult.

Bench 160 5x5 x14

Row 160 5x5 x12

Chinup +25 3x5 bw x 9 ss Inc DB press 80x8,8,8 ss quad ext 180x12 165x12,12

DB curls 45x8,7 35x11 ss dips bw x12 +45x6 +60x8

Workout really sucked this weekend was horrible no sleep and poor diet but it workout okay time to train hard.

Polish Viking
07-21-2011, 05:43 PM
Yesterday played softball with the marines and finished up with 10 100. Yard sprints which destroyed my hams and quads 280 today felt like a million pounds.

Thursday July 21st a.m. Weight 219 I am pleased with this besides my absolutely horrendous diet the last three weeks getting more vascular everywhere everyday

Squats 280 5x5 I'm pretty sure I have 300 but today another 10 lbs might have ended me.

Military press 120 5x5 x16 felt really good and strong today. Ss upright rows x8,8,10

Deadlift 335 5x5 x10 I should have got at least 15 but no straps sweat hands

close grip bench 135x8 185x8,8 135x11 ss wide pulldown 150x12 210x10,8 150x12

Reverse skull 65x8,10 ss reverse curl 65x8,10 ss DB shrugs 120x10,15

This was an intense workout and the gym was hot I was pure sweat from head to toe.

Polish Viking
07-23-2011, 05:25 PM
Saturday July 23rd

Waterbury's core workout and agile 8

Squat 285 5x5-I'm just gonna say I really hate to squat, it's probably to the fact that my form almost always breaks down with these heavier weights. I know I'm easily good for 315+ if I didn't end up turning these into god damn good mornings.

Bench 165 5x5 x15-actually felt suprisingly good and smooth today.

Row 165 5x5 x11 these are getting to be some work

Incline press 80x9,7,7 ss chins +30x5,5,6

Dips bw x12 +45x8 +70x5->bw x5 ss lateral raises 20x11,8 15x10 ss ezbar curl 35lbsx6,8 6->25x6->15x8

Workout was brutal I now have 5 days coming of active recovery at waterparks back at it Thursday. I have a somewhat sad note, I have enlisted into a reconissence mos in the marine reserves and I'm not sure when I leave yet but it is, looking like Febuary, the crappy part is I love body building but If I even dream to keep any of this size with a hope in hell of making it through BRC with this useless bulk I will continue to train heavy 3 days a week and then work on my bw work capacities to torture my body so it will be able to survive hell, as well as swimming 2 times or more a week. This will be different and I am 100% positive I will be getting depressed when I start losing some size I've put so much time into. O well I guess it's a small price to pay if I can make it through ninja school, and be one of the sickest and most ultra fit mofos on the planet, so I would expect to see some crossfit eventually.

07-23-2011, 07:06 PM
None of your pics work for me.

Some good work going on in here nonetheless. Keep it up

Polish Viking
07-25-2011, 11:09 AM
-thanks Roary

Actually got to workout today

Saturday July 25th

Squat 290 5x5- did these belted and boy does it feel like cheating. Last two sets were raw

Military 125 5x5 x14 tough today

Deads 3451x5

Wide pulldowns 160x15 205x10 160x12 ss pushups x25,20,20

Polish Viking
07-30-2011, 05:41 PM
Got home from vacation yesterday and played with the marines(which beat the crap outta me and cut me up while I had a pinched nerve and I felt like an old man yesterday and couldn't bend over to save my life until physical activity started)

Saturday July 30th

Benchpress 170 5x5 x12 weak little bitch

Row 170 5x5 x10- supersetted these with squat warmups

Squat 295 5x5-funny how the pain disappears or rather floats away as to my upper back, 275 flew up like air, but the first set of 295 made me hate life I did this belt less and so I put on the belt for the last four. There was pain but we push through it to make us stronger.

Incline tri ext ez-bar 25's x10,10,10

Wide grip pull ups bw x10,7 ss pushups x 20,20 ss sit-ups x16,20 I was horribly cramped up

Today's workout sucked pain and cramps everywhere, yesterday really drained my workout for today as we'll as this guy doing shrugs in the only squat rack.

Polish Viking
08-02-2011, 01:26 AM
Monday August 1st

Squat 300 5x5- forgot the belt and muscled through them had to be careful to watch my form or I would fire quads before getting the hips up.

Military 130 5x5 x12 getting tougher

Deads 355 1x5 x8

Dips bw x15 +45x8 +75x5

Chinups x10,8,7+3 ss pushups x15,13,11 ss core iso cable hold 10secx3

Had a guy at the gym today tell me I was nuts, squatting and deadlifting in the same day, he was in dismay when I told him I was squatting 3 times a week and told him about my plan to go for 6 days a week when I finish this cycles usefulness.

Polish Viking
08-04-2011, 07:27 PM
Thursday august 4th

Squat 305 5x5- aside from this being heavy technique was flawless, even jumped the last rep of every set after running 3 miles in 19:00 yesterday.

Bench 175 5x5 x12- had more but it's getting heavy and had no spotter, I would rather not be the guy who can't lift the weight off. Still suck at bench

Row 175 5x5 x11-still feels beastly

Inc DB bench 80x11,8,6I tricepts=death

Wide pull-ups x10,8,8 ss pushups x15,15,15 ss sit-ups x35,25,25 ss calves x35,30,35

Good day hit most of what I wanted minus I really wanted at least 9 reps for 3 sets with 80.

Polish Viking
08-06-2011, 07:34 PM
Saturday august 6th

Squats 310 5x5- its amazing how since starting off this program I left my ego at the door started light and worked my way up. I knew I was strong enough but the weights just felt heavy since 245 never did I think I would make it passed 300 and Monday is 315, today came after a hard night of drinking, so I have no idea where this train Ends. Form has just gotten better and better. Today during my 2nd set on my 4th rep I thought I lost control and before what I would do is save myself and put my hands on the safety bars to get up, well today I stopped being a pussy and made it up.

Military 135 5x5 x12 had to clean from the floor today hoping for at least 165-170

Deads 365 1x5 getting heavy need chalk

Handstand pushup x5,4 ss Chinups x10,10 ss pushups x20,20 ss Situps x25,35

Polish Viking
08-08-2011, 12:32 PM
Monday August 8th

Squats 315 5x5 3 plates old pr with 5 reps is for sure smashed idk this will end somewhere around 325 or 350 my best bet

Bench 180 5x5

Row 180 5x5

Dips bw x19 +45x7 +80x4 stupid tricep injury couldn't get it done

Wide pull up x10,9,8 ss pushups x15,18,20 ss Situps x25,25,30

Polish Viking
08-11-2011, 05:47 PM
Played with the Marines yesterday. For whatever reason it was pretty brutal. did pullups to absolute failure, ran 3 miles, pushups through failure, sprints, 100 yard fireman carry, baby carry, and piggyback with same weight person. 5 minute wall sit, more pushups though failure, sungods through failure. Yesterday destroyed me.

Thursday August 11th- Tendons for both calves are destroyed did not want to workout today.

Squats 320 5x5- hard but did them and added a jump on the last reps of each set.

Military 140 5x5 x9 these sucked well the whole workout did.

Deads 375 1x5- felt amazing actually best in weeks but HEAVY

Handstand pushup x9,5 ss Chinups x10,11 ss Pushups x20,20 ss Ball crunches x25,25

rear db Flies 20x15,15 ss 120 DB Iso holds x 30 sec,30 sec

Tough workout but did it.

Polish Viking
08-15-2011, 11:00 PM
Monday August 15th
Took off this weekend was to busy, boy what a misteak that was.

Squat 325 3x5-did the sets and just decided to stop. Chiropractor that I am now seeing wants me to take a break, so I'll give it 3 weeks and reset my lower back has just been fried and today it was giving up, this weekend was no good for weight lifting o well I know I had at least 335 or 340 in me.

Bench 185 5x5-I really hate this movement

Row 185 5x5

wide pull ups 10+5 assist ss pushups x35 ss plank 1:00

Kept the volume low, injuries in the shoulder and triceps are nagging so I want them to heal before going hard again. Damn diet.

Polish Viking
08-29-2011, 04:00 PM
was training the week before but not in the gym getting last minute summer fun done/ school starting missed some days but still going strong also was really hoping that this tricep tear would be better by now guess not o well, and my It bands in both legs are just messed up.

Tuesday August 5th

Leg press-feet high pps4x12 5x12 6x12 7x12 8x16

mil press- 140 5x5 x8

Deadlift- 385 1x5

Chest supported rows- 135x12, 12, 12
ssLateral raises- 25x12 30x8 drop set 35x8 25x8 15x8

Thursday August 25th

Box jumps big box x3, 5, 10 +25x5 +little box x5 -25 x5

Pullupsx 14

Bench-190 5x5

Row- 190 5x5

Db chest press- 90x6

Calves- 215x 12,18

Monday August 29th

Lunges +25db'sx12 +40x20

mil press - 145 5x5 x9

Dead- 395 1x5

Shrugs- 395 x8,7

Handstand pushup- x8

wide pullup- x9

press 70x8 75x4- really bitched out had 5

Lateral raise- 30x12 25x12 20x13
ss Hammer curls- 50x12 45x10 40x12

Polish Viking
09-01-2011, 06:59 PM
August 31st

Calves- x20,20,20 single x12 standing weight 215x10 295x7 315x7+2+2 seated 45x15 70x15 45x25

Bench- 195 5x5 -getting tough not sure where this is gonna end but soon maybe 205 or 210

Row- 195 5x5-

DB chest press- 90x6 100x2- had at least 8 with 90 but 100 didn't want to budge the 2nd 100 was an ugly grind

Chinup- +35x5 +55x4. Ss pushupsx25,20

Curl bb- 115x5 95x10 ss ab pulldown 92.5x15 87.5x20 ss leg raises x15,12

Been doing 50 pull ups 100 pushups 100 Situps and running either 3-5 miles or sprinting hills 20 seconds up jog down run back up x10 and then finishing up with a 40 second sprint, also after hill 5 i add pushups or abs or squats squat jumps, conditioning is getting good, mile time is down to 5:34 3 mile is 19:27 needs to get under 18 this is done on off days.

Polish Viking
09-03-2011, 06:59 PM
Sep 2nd Friday

Calves- x20 +25x20 +45x20 X30+10+15

Mil Press- 150 5x5 x6 Just tired and sore Diet good recovery not so much

Dead 405 1x5 fail got 4 would have had 5 but started a rep and had to put it back down and went after it again to soon will go at it again Tuesday

Handstand Pushup x7 Pullups x12

DB Press 75x5 L raises 45x12 35x12

Cable tug of war- 82.5x10,10,15(this set sucked pump was intense) SS Dips bw x12 +45x8 +80x5

Polish Viking
09-04-2011, 02:37 PM
Sunday September 4th

Box Jumps x5,10 +little x4,5 -little +med Box x5 was gonna do +2 but busted my shin going up.

Calves x25,27,25+12+13

Bench 200 5x5

Row 200 5x5 This movement just feels so strong still about 85-90% a pendlay row

Db Chest press 90x6 100x5-fought for 6 but was not happening today 75x9

Chinup +35x5 +55x4 (rows really did me in)

Overhead Tri ext 80x12 90x8,9 SS BB Curls 115x6,4+2negatives 95x7

Polish Viking
09-06-2011, 11:28 PM
Tuesday September 6th

Pushups and Chins 45 and 12

Calves- x20,20 115x12 215x10 295x7+4+4 x25
SS Military press- 155 5x5 (pushups exhausted my shoulder bad idea to warm up with so many

Dead- 405 1x5 (Owned this bitch felt like 350)

handstand pushup x2 (pushups just left me with no strength in my shoulders
Pullups x12

CGB Incl- 135x8 165x5,4 115x8

Wide pulldown 160x15, 205x8+2, 175x7

Lateral raises 30x8 40x6 30x11 20x12
SS Facepull 130x10,12,12

Polish Viking
09-09-2011, 12:42 PM
Thursday September 8th

Leg press- 4 ppsx15 5x12 6x12 7x12 8x12 9x5 10x15-felt good

Bench- 205 5x5 this is near the end

row- 205 5x5 got heavy quick lol

DB bench- 90x8 100x5 75x9
SS chins- x12 +35x5 +55x4.5

Curls- 50x7 45x8 35x15-20x12 ss shrugs 120x18,15 strapsx24 ss calves x20,22,25

Polish Viking
09-13-2011, 11:22 PM
Tuesday September 13th
Sometimes you got life getting in the way and cannot lift

Box Squats 12" to a jump- 135x3 185x3,3,3,3 straight Squats 225x15-super disappointed in myself idk why I gave up like a bitch I was going for 20 and I just mentally caved I'll get it Thursday.

mil press 160 5x5 - barley got it first set was cake last one was death. I really don't know if I will get 165 for 5 sets.

Deads 415 1x5 this was cake honestly this could have gone for 8-10 I cannot believe how much this has improved I'm good for at least 500 x1 I'm sure when I stall I will find out but that would be a 50lb pr in 6 months time. I wish squat and bench were like this.

Handstand pushup x8 I have more but the presses are so heavy
Wide pull up x12

Dips x8 +45x8 +90x5 ss wide pull upsx7,6,6

Polish Viking
09-17-2011, 03:21 PM
Friday September 16th
A.M. Did a set of tabata pushups cross fit style(sucked dick) did 55 that "counted"

Squat 275 5x5

Bench-210 5x5 failed on the third set only got four on that on and 4 and 5 I know it's because of the tabata pushups in the a.m. They destroyed my front delt

Row 210 5x5 still chugging

pushups x35,20 ss wide pup ups x10,7 just done

Polish Viking
09-20-2011, 10:21 PM
Tuesday September 20th

Squats 285 5x5

Military press- 165 3x5

Deads- 425 1x5-Heavy as shit

Handstand pushup x10 pullups x12

Pushups x22,25 ss Pulups x8,7 ss situps x30,20 ss calves x40,40

Thoughts- 5x5 for sure has worked AMAZING, but my goals are different now and I have to change the routine there are some things I am going to take with me from it but I have to make Changes especially Legs probably the only heavy movement they will see are squats and leg presses, with Lower volume I need those bitches to shrink down,(Marines) they are 26 3/4 inches at 12-13% right now. I think I will be doing EOD A Bench/Back Shoulder/Arms Squat/speed work for bench shoulder back, and repeat, However Im not sure yet Ill have to play it as I go.

Polish Viking
09-24-2011, 07:32 PM
Saturday September 24th- sometimes stuff comes up and you cant get to the gym.

Bench 210 3x5 god am I weak at this movement

Row 215 5x5

Db bench 90x8 100x5,4 80x6

Wide Pullups x12-4+4 pullups x7-5+2 Chins x6-4+2

Diamond Pushupsx12,12,10 ss BB curls 115x3 negatives 95x6,8(amazing how fried my Bi's were) ss Random ABS x 30,30,40 ss Calves x30,30,40

Polish Viking
09-29-2011, 09:44 AM
Monday September 26th

Squats 275x3 315x3 365x1 225x5- back was torn up I really needed a belt

Military press 170 3x5-HEAVY

Deads 435 1x4 was a FAIL only got 4

Handstand pushupx5(shoulders done ss Chin x14

Dumbell press 75x5 65x9
Neutral pullupx11,6,5.5

Lateral raise 35x12,12-25x8-15x8 ss Hammer curls 55x8, 50x8-35x8-25x10 ss Overhead tricept ext 95x10, 90x10-70x6

Wednesday September 28th

Bench 215 3x5

Row 220 5x5

incl Press 75x10 90x6 70x10 ss wide Pullups x9.5,9,7+5

Polish Viking
10-01-2011, 07:06 PM
Saturday October 1st

Mil Press 175 1x3 135x8,8

Handstand pushup x4

Chunup x15
ss DB press 75x4 65x8 60x8

Dipsx10,12,8 ss lateral raises 35x12,10 25x8 ss BB CURLS 95x6 115x4 95x6

Polish Viking
10-05-2011, 06:09 PM
Monday October 3rd

Bench 220 3x5 shoulder was really sore but I managed it

Row 225 5x5

Pullups x12,8,6.5

Ezbar tri ext 45's x 7,6 35's x 10
Ss hammer curls 60x8 55x10 50x12
Sscalves x40,35,40

Wednesday October 5th

Mil press 175 3x5- I need 2.5 plates no wayyy will I get 180 next time

Squats x20 135x8 185x5 225 jump Squats x3,3,3 225x15 pussed out again my knee was crying

Handstand pushups x6
Chinups x14 wide pull ups x10 wide assisted 40 lbs x10
Ss pushupsx20,20,23

Ezbar curls 45's x7,6 35's x12 ss. Med ball crunches.x30,30,30. Ss. Leg raises x20,15,15

I need to do less accessory work right now the weights are just about maxed.

Polish Viking
10-10-2011, 05:52 PM
Monday Oct 10th-School sucks so does being able to recover on the heavy workouts.

Bench 225 2x5 failed here I should have gotten the third but I didn't O well keep on pushing on.

Row 230 5x5 work here

Wide pullups 14,9,8

Pushdowns 92.5 x12,11+2
SS DB curls 55x5 45x10
SS Pulldown crunches 87.5x20,23
SS DB shrugs 120x20,24
SS Calves x40,50

Polish Viking
10-13-2011, 01:18 PM
Thursday October 13th

Military press 180 1x5 officially stalled maybe I might be able to do 185 and I will try but it's very doubtful. Time to find a max after next weeks try

Squats 315x2 355x1 225x10 back is just to tore up

Handstand pushupx8

Dips x12 +45x8 +85x5. SS. chins x9,8.5,6.5

rear laterals 30x12 35x12 chest supported 20x12. Ss. Leg raisesx20,17,20