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06-30-2011, 11:12 PM
Alright guys so ive decided to keep this journal to remind myself of my goals and keep on track to achieve them. I will update this after every workout with my lifts and whatnot. Lemme know if im doing it right cause ive never done this before haha.

Ive been lifting for 1.5 years, have put on around 30 pounds. I have recently been shopping around for new routines (I gave push pull a try and didnt like it) but I think this new one will do well for me. Im committing to stick to this routine for an entire year to see if I can get some nice results. I will attach the picture of my current physique in this post.

Stats at the beginning of this journal,

Height - 6 foot 3
Weight - 203 pounds
BF% - got it measured like 4 times with those piece of garbage handheld digital estimators and got a range of between 9% and 16% so im somewhere in that vicinity.

The routine itself is a 4 day split with monday (chest/biceps), tuesday (legs/calves), wednesday (back), thursday (shoulders/triceps). 8 - 10 reps of all exercises.

First workout on new routine - Thursday (Shoulders / Triceps)
4 sets of shoulder press dumbell (55 pounds)
3 sets of upright rows supersetted with lateral raises (90 pound upright rows, varying lateral raises depending on fatigue)
3 sets of front raises (15 pounds, these seem pretty hard for me... I wonder if thats typical?)
3 sets of lying rear delt raises (I didnt do these this week as my posterior deltoids were already sore from my workout the day before. I will incorperate these next week and go from there)
3 sets of close grip bench press (100 pounds)
4 sets of pulldowns (120 pounds, I was pretty excited about that as last time i remember doing those I was doing 90 pounds)
3 sets of skullcrushers (65 pounds)

Well im gonna have some salmon and rice now that my whey has digested for a couple hours. Ill post again for my Chest/Biceps workout on monday. Thanks for reading!

07-03-2011, 08:18 PM
Did chest today. After hitting all the chest movements according to my routine i decided i was waayyyy too fatigued to even attempt the biceps so ive decided to move them to saturdays and ill just throw some abs in there with them for a short little 45 minute workout on saturdays. I dont foresee any problems with that decision but if you think its a bad idea please LET ME KNOW!!! Well heres my workout today

4 sets incline dumbell pres - first set cranked out 8 on the 70 pounders but afterwards had to drop to 65 pounders to keep it in the 8-10 reps range.
3 sets bench press - 145 pounds
3 sets incline flys - started with 40 pound dumbells but could only crank out 7 , dropped to 35 only got 7 again lol (im guessing i was just getting pretty fatigued), last set i got 10 with the 30's
3 sets chest dips till failure - WOOOWW haha i was really tired at this point and I have never done dips with a wide arms position so i couldnt even crank out 5 on any of the 3 sets. it will be fun to watch that increase as i get stronger in the coming year.

well that ended my second workout on the new routine. i loved this focus on the inclines as i feel that my lack of upper chest is hurting my aesthetics.

In other news my lifting has again showed me what is possible if I set my mind to it. I was at a party last night, had admittedly had a few shots of vodka (its my one drinking day of the month dont even hate bro) and the owner of the house who was probably 6 foot 1 was looking for someone to wrestle and he was 210 pounds. fairly built but carrying a good layer of fat as well. i was the only one near him in weight (he still has 5 pounds on me) so he challenges me. now keep in mind ive never been victorious in a manly combat sport and have had my ass kicked a couple times in boxing matches. however, i hadnt been challenged to such a combat sport since i started working out. i thought i would test out my new strength in a real life situation outside of the gym so i accepted his challenge.

we grapple for a while with the entire party watching us. first few minutes nobody even gets a takedown (neither of us has wrestled before), about 2 minutes in (with my friend who is an experience wrestler coaching me from the side) i rush him and out muscle him until i have his leg and i just drop him. on the way down i hear his ankle crush. to make a long story short i got him in a headlock and he tapped out. Greatest feeling EVER!!!! I was ecstatic that my training had helped me beat him. too bad about his ankle i suppose (hes gonna be off his ankle for the next 6 weeks haha). Doubt ill be invited to another party at his house though....

07-05-2011, 03:02 AM
So I did biceps and abs today. Ill have the order of my chest day and biceps/abs day figured out by next week so this will be the only workout in the wrong order.

4 sets of barbell curls (2 sets on 90 pounds for 10 reps 2 sets at 100 pounds for 8 reps)
3 sets of preacher curls (90 pounds) + dropped the weight to half after 3rd set and cranked another 8,
4 sets of weighted decline situps (90 pounds)

Well i felt like a pretty big idiot today doing such a typical bro workout. Oh well... Next week this will all be sorted out.

07-10-2011, 12:31 AM
Sorry i havent posted for a while. I will include my past few workouts all in this post.

Last tuesday i did legs -

4 sets of squats (255)
3 sets of lunges (45 pnd dumbells each hand)
3 sets of leg press (330 pnds)
3 sets of leg extensions till failure
3 sets of leg curls till failure

last wednesday was back -

4 sets of deadlifts (225 pnds this was my first time deadlifting... wow truly a full body workout haha. I see why people like them. I am definetely struggling with form. namely keeping my back from rounding and I had a sore lower back for a couple days afterwards. I will be working with a lower weight next week and trying to keep my form impecable as I really want to perfect this lift.)
3 sets of lat pulldowns (190 pounds)
3 sets bent over rows (115 pounds)
3 sets of dumbell rows (70 pound dumbells)
3 sets of hyperextensions (forgot the weight i used)

extremely sore after both the leg workout and the back. liking the routine alot.

last thursday i did shoulders and triceps. my first repeated workout since im on this new routine.

4 sets shoulder press (got 2 sets between 8-10 reps using the 60 pounders, the last two sets were with the 55's) minor improvement since last week
3 sets upright rows superset with lateral raises (90 pounds however it felt fairly easy so i should def. be able to go up in weight on these next week. Im truly starting to love this exercise. Yields a sick pump on my lateral delts and traps)
3 sets lying rear delt raises (25 pound dumbells)
3 sets close grip bench press (115 pounds and managed to narrow my grip since last week to put more stress on the triceps. Was very happy with that progress)
4 sets of tricep pulldowns (120 pounds)
3 sets skullcrushers (65 pnds)

Today just did biceps and abs as per my plan from last week so i dont need to do them with chest on monday.

4 sets barbell curls (2 sets of 10 at 95 pounds and 2 sets of 8 at 100)
2 sets of preacher curl plus a dropset (100 pounds for sets of 8)
weighted decline situps (2 sets at 45 pounds on chest for 15-25 reps)

Lookin forward to chest on monday. Update on the dude whos ankle i snapped the other day... he now has to have surgery to put a metal plate into his ankle bone. startin to feel bad haha...

07-10-2011, 07:03 PM
worked chest today as i wont have much time tommorow -

4 sets of incline db press (got 2 sets with the 70 pounders this week and 2 sets with the 65 pounders)
3 sets of bench press (140 pounds)
3 sets of incline flies (2 sets with 35 pounders 1 set with 40 pounders)
3 sets of chest dips till failure (big improvement this week from last, i cranked 10 then 9 then 8)

Legs coming up on tuesday.

07-17-2011, 10:07 PM
this past tuesday did legs

4 sets squats (275 pnds)
3 sets of lunges (40-50 pnds dumbells)
3 sets of leg press (320 pnds)
3 sets leg extensions till failure
3 sets leg curls till failure

wednesday was back

4 sets of deadlifts (dropped my weight to 200 pounds and kept form perfect throughout. Felt no lower back pain afterwards. I know i will have to keep absolute control on this lift if I want to prevent injury however after this last workout im feeling confident I will be able to handle it)
3 sets of lat pulldowns (195 pounds)
3 sets of bent over rows (120 pounds)
3 sets dumbell rows (70 pounds dumbells)
3 sets of hyperextensions

thursday shoulders/triceps

4 sets shoulder press (60 pnds dumbells)
3 sets upright rows (95 pnds)
3 sets front raises (15 pnds goddamn those are hard at that point in the workout lol)
3 sets lying rear delt raises (25 pnd dumbells)
3 sets of close grip bp (125 pounds hoping to hit 1plate next workout)
4 sets of triceps pulldowns (120 pounds, im thinking im gonna swap this out with something else... i have never felt that these hit me quite as well as i would like. i have trouble feeling the contraction with pulldowns. any thoughts on what i could replace them with? thinking maybe kickbacks?)
3 sets of skullcrushers (65 pnds)

Saturday biceps and abs

4 sets straight bar curls (2 at 10 reps of 95 pounds, 2 at 8 reps of 100, almost got the 105 mark)
3 sets of preacher curls (90 pnds)
4 sets of decline weighted situps (90 pounds on chest)

today i did chest

4 sets incline dumbell press (finally got all 4 sets on the 70 pounder dumbells. felt good)
3 sets flat bench press (had to use the smith machine as all the normal benches were taken but DAMN i got a sick pump from that! Also without the need for stabilization I was able to put up 185 pnds. I think i might do those again next week just because i was really able to squeeze the pecs and pump the hell outta them)
3 sets incline flyes (35 pounders)
3 sets of chest dips till failure (got 12 then 10 then 10)

Well im still loving this new routine. Ive seen some pretty quick results and my pumps have been crazy.

05-15-2013, 10:13 PM
Lol forgot I started on this site back in the day, thought it would be funny to update.

These days (3.5 years of lifting): Dumbbell Bench 120's for 6, Sumo deadlift 500 for 3, Front Squat 315 for 3. Weighing in at 235 lately.

Also I owe you guys thanks for telling me to quit being a neurotic little teen back in the days I used to post here alot, and also for suggesting I cut back the bodybuilding parameters and install some truly heavy weight for lower reps. My last year has been ALL about gaining strength. Thanks for everyones support for me and my lame threads back in the day.