View Full Version : 675 and 715 raw 3brd press

07-07-2011, 10:32 AM


07-07-2011, 02:50 PM
strong as hell.

Brian Hopper
07-07-2011, 08:01 PM

Travis Bell
07-07-2011, 08:07 PM
Great press there Rob!

I'm going out on a limb here because I know you didn't ask, but you might get more out of board presses if you slowed your descent a little and didn't quite drop on the boards.

I realize you're not getting much rebound out of it, however it's difficult to maintain quality technique when dropping the bar that quickly. I'm sure you could still press the same weight but you'd get much more tricep and shoulder work out of it in a more controlled manner.

Just my 2 cents though. Hardly one to talk when you are the one with the 635 competition bench.

07-07-2011, 08:39 PM
Crazy strong big man. I do agree with Trav. You and I have talked a bit about this stuff. You are much stronger than a 635 raw bench. You need to hammer your technique. It's one thing to heave weight because you can do that in a comp as long as it is paused at the bottom. Here you are more or less bouncing the weight and catching it. It kind of defeats the purpose of boards and grinding out the lift with your triceps. Again, all due respect, your raw bench is more than mine.

07-07-2011, 09:30 PM
Thanks fellas yall are both great benchers and I will try my best to tighten up my form.

07-07-2011, 10:53 PM
Wilk your speed and ease of lifts is freaking amazing. Huge lifts man, absolutely huge.

Ruff Riff
07-08-2011, 01:00 PM
That's a butt load of weight man!

07-10-2011, 02:57 AM
Strong pressing!!