View Full Version : Thumbs up review on the Multi-Plus vitamins by AtLarge Nutrition.

07-16-2011, 03:12 PM
I've recently started back on these (working on my second bottle this time). I've used them when I started my meet prep for my last couple of meet cycle and was always impressed with the difference. This time I'm not training for a meet yet, just continueing to come back from shoulder replacement. In the past use I attributed some of the improvement to just being more fired up training for the meets. But, I'm having the same obvious improvement in performance and how I feel again. This time I started using them again after evaluating the doses and variety of vitamins that are actually in them. The doses are quite high compared to other multi-vitamins. What I realized was that I could save well over the cost of the Multi-Plus each month by not having to buy all of the seperate individual vitamins and minerals to 'bump' up the weaker doses of the other multis I'd use. It's a lot less of a pain in the butt not to have to take so many extra pills too. Anyway, it's all a plus! Noticably improved energy and performance in the gym, less expense overall and more convenient. These will stay my main-stay vitamin supplement. Excellent product guys! And delivery is always fast and consistant.