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07-24-2011, 03:04 PM
I started working out roughly 5 months ago at 192 pounds. I was eating all the wrong foods between dunkin donuts for breakfast, fast food for lunch, and half the time fast food for dinner. Drinking high calorie sugar drinks of which coke was my favorite. I reached a point where I realized it was time I needed a change and wanted to get back within reasonable shape as I always have been an athlete. This is where my turn around began and I substituted soda for water, and eating healthier alternatives for food. With the stoppage of soda i was alone able to cut 500 calories a day and probably cut another 700-1500 in the fast food department. The first set of pictures I took was after 5 weeks of training and I had already dropped from 192 to 178lbs. Within the next 8 weeks following I was able to drop my body weight to 168lbs and the whole time increasing strength and improving in all my lift weights. I followed a full body routine to start from the four laws article, and then switched to the hct 12 routine 6 weeks ago. After I reached 168lbs I slowly increased my calories and started supplementing with creatine which has brought me to a weight today of 167 lbs. Mind you the weight is only one pound lighter then my weight at 4 weeks and I feel I have made great physical, as well as visual gains.

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