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08-03-2011, 04:32 PM
Hey everyone, my name is Donny and I'm 18 and after several college offers for baseball fell through because of my own personal reasons, I decided I needed to do something with my life instead of working a minimum wage job. It was at the end of my senior year a couple months ago, that my best friend got me interested in being stronger and getting bigger. I enlisted in the United States Army and I leave in November for boot camp.

Here is where I was at when I started in late May

6'0 135 lbs.

Protein- Myofusion
Multivitamin- GNC Mega Mens sport

I struggled at first, as everyone probably does, repping 95 lbs for 3/4 on the bench, dumbbell pressing 30s, squatting 100 lbs and struggling in every single area of lifting, I decided that I needed to bulk up, so I went to my brother who is a personal trainer for a diet routine.

My daily intake of calories is 2500+ and I take in a lot of carbs and protein, after my Myofusion ran out, I was advised to try a creatine and a mass builder and a pre workout, after research I decided that Mass-Tech would be my mass builder, and I tried out Concret creatine and Jack3d. I also picked up a natural herb testosterone booster called Bulgarian Inpuls

After a month of being on all four, I can see tremendous improvement in myself. My arms, chest and thighs have all put on 1.5 inches or more in size and I feel invincible in the gym with the amount of energy they give me

My bench went from 95 for 3/4 like I said to being able to do 135 6/8 times. and I'm up to 65 lb dumbbells for 8/10 reps

I'm now at 5'11 145 lbs

I know everyone's bodies recover differently, and I'm always open to feedback and constructive criticism, I just want to better myself and be prepared for the challenges that are ahead of me.