View Full Version : Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle

08-04-2011, 06:19 PM
I am the embodiment of the stereotypical athlete that put on weight after his playing days were over. Right now I am 6"5 235 and have done little exercise for the last year. Part of this was due to law school and taking the bar exam. Actually, the bar exam was brutal. During this time period I put on 10 pounds. Now, that the bar exam is over, I have nothing but free time until December. I want to spend this free time reclaiming my body and getting back to normal.

I want to use this journal to ask for tips and advice on my diet and weight plan. I am mostly concerned about my diet because I have never eaten correctly.

As of now I plan to use the P90x diet while lifting in the morning and doing cardio in the evening. My gym has numerous classes and I plan to use them for my cardio. Hopefully spin class will work for the cardio?

Check out my journal daily for updates on my weight loss, workout routine and gains.