View Full Version : Heres what I'm Starting With

08-08-2011, 07:21 PM

Trying to start a new life in Thailand, only working part time at this point. Also trying to learn Thai, lifting insn't a priority at this point. I've heard they have really good vitamins and stuff here in Thailand though so after things settle down I'd like to try and put 10-20 pounds on this. Also still looking for a place to with a weight bench, I toured a big name "Califoria wow expeiriecne" or something like that. Really nice gym, just too much for my budget at this point. Will get some curling bars for my apartment. Ballswidedeep said there was some dipping and pull-up bars at a local park as well, looked for them but it was starting to get dark and lumpini is a big park but I'll find them eventually.
This is just a baseline not really looking for critisism. Maybe in six months or so I'll post more pics and then we can do the critiqueing.
The chest hair isn't getting shaved.
As far a diet I guess I'll get a tube of whey and try to eat as healthy as I can. Suggestions on this are welcome but I would like to keep it pretty simple.
Why do I want to gain? I don't plan on starting any fights (I think this can be an especially bad idea in Thailand) but if someone takes a swing at me I want to kick the living crap out of them. Also want to look good for the ladies.