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08-16-2011, 02:13 PM
Hey everyone new to the forum, and I have gotten into powerlifting recently. I have been using AtLargeNutrition supplements for awhile and have really been seeing results. My name is Lawson Hale and I just turned 18 and weigh about 194 lbs. My first meet is going to be November 5 in Dalton, Ga. My goals are 575 on squats, 570 on deadlifts, and 360 on bench. Definitely need to work on my benchpress. Just wondering what i need to be looking for going into my first meet?

Thank you!

08-16-2011, 03:34 PM
Look to have fun, gain experience, and meet lots of cool people.

There are lots of threads on here about what to bring, how to cycle training for, and what to expect for your first meet......

just make sure that you can reliably hit depth in the squat and complete the other two lifts by the book ( read the rules )

and just have FUN.

Good luck

08-16-2011, 06:16 PM
Thank you!