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Mr. Galaxy
09-01-2011, 02:33 PM
Contenders for the name of this log were "Assembling a Terminator", "One Year to 500" and "In Pursuit of Retard Strength!"

Starting Stats
Weight: 268
Bf: 30+

Goals for One Year

215+ Press
355+ Bench
500+ Squat
500+ Deadlift
20 strict chin ups
100 pushups
50 Burpees
Lose 50lb of body fat

Starting Lifts

Press 145x5
Bench 230x7
Squat 160x5 (below parallel)
Deadlift 215x5
Pushups 24

Nutrition Plan: Ananolic Diet for Power Lifters. 2, 70g whey shakes a day. 2 big unmeasured low-carb Paleo meals during the week. 3 sweeteners max. 1-2 clean carb-up days on the weekend. 1 cheat day a month and sporadic rare cheat meals when invited to dinner.

Supplements: Try and get down 1 litre of water on waking. Fish oil, multi-vit, whey, creatine, vitamin d, magnesium, metamucil.

Program: follow the Greyskull LP for 1 year and milk every drop out of linear progression, and then some. The lifts I'm shooting for are kinda high but trying to reach it will keep me inspired and focused. I think it is attainable however given my upper body strength. Once I get form down and develop my back and postierior I think the lifts I'm having trouble with now will take off.

Plan to do kettlebell swings after lifting for conditioning and a light jog with hill sprints on Saturdays. Also going to Judo and boxing classes as time permits. Finally, I*plan to do mobility work before and stretching after workouts as religiously as I do the lifts.

Experience: 2 months on the Greyskull LP and I am only now learning to squat and deadlift properly. Over coming flexibility and a major imbalance in glutes/hamstrings that has my squat/deadlift ridiculously light.

Aspiration: Since I started I have become addicted to putting weight on the bar. I would eventually like to get into powerlifting competition on a small scale. I also want to get into "fighting shape" for Judo competition at and life in general.

I will be weighing in and taking pics once a month to gauge progress, will post them at end of the year.

Any insights or comments as I go are appreciated.

Let's do this!


Mr. Galaxy
09-01-2011, 02:37 PM
Wednesday (after midnight) September 1, 2011

Deadlift 215 1x5
Press 145 3x5
V pulldown 165x8set 195x2set (too fat for pull ups yet)
Neck Harness 25lbx4x25
Leg raise 1x10
KB swings 1x20

Mr. Galaxy
09-05-2011, 01:11 AM
Disclaimer: I have been listening to Iron Radio and apparently target lifts I put up are a little dreamy for a new lifter. I guess I have been looking too much at the numbers of "Internet bros" and 18 year old kids. Still gonna shoot for them though, just didn't want to come off as too much of a tard.

Saturday 3 September 2011

1 hour jogging in the woods
1 hill sprint, 4 hill walks (stomach was full).

No sleep all week. I am on a potent growth hormone, unfortunately it is called Cortisol.*

Sunday 4 September 2011

Had to rush at the gym.

Bench 240 5,3,5 (loaded it wrong and it screwed me up)
Squat 5x5 165 (raising this 5 a workout).
2 set vpull 165 x 5
Added barbell row as an assistance excercise 50lb 2x10 1x20 started low gonna up this 5 a week
Dumbbell curls Amrap 35lb x2 (gonna up this 5, once a month)

Later at work (Dead night so I brought in a kettlebell).

Kb sumo deadlift 45kb *3x20*
Kb swings 45lb 3x20
Kb clean and press 3x5 each arm
Neck harness 10lb 4x50
Frequency method pushups 5x12