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09-17-2011, 06:38 PM
If you could spare some time to give me advice I'd appreciate it. Today was my first time trying to touch and it didn't go terrible, but all of you guys that have more experience in this shirt then I do I was looking for an answer. As of today I am 4 weeks out from my first geared meet. Due to my forearm/wrist pain I came out my shirt for awhile and have been back in it for the past 3 weeks. The lowest I have ever been before I hurt myself was a 3 board. I went to a 3 board three weeks ago and a 2 board last week and today I wanted to do some reverse band to get some overload work in but I decided to try to touch as well. Usually I can't get anything lower then 545 to a 2 board and I chalk that up to not having enough experience to know how to make the shirt work for me. So I threw the reverse bands on and got to a 2 board with 585. I decided to make a few jumps at an attempt for a one board and I always stalled about a half an inch above the 1 board. I want to bench around 650 at the meet so I loaded the bar with it and brought it down and stopped around the 2 board area again. Weight felt easy and no wrist pain. Besides my lack of experience, since it has never been below a 2 board except one time is it still in the process of breaking in that makes the transition lower then a 2 board so hard? Also, this close to a meet, how would you guys recommend I go about trying to touch and working my openers? Thanks again for your help!

again...pardon my ignorance for not knowing how to post the video within the post...


Travis Bell
09-17-2011, 09:44 PM
You started pressing before the weight stopped moving? Don't do that. Pull that bar as far down as it'll go.

Also, if you haven't touched in a shirt before, don't try and do it with reverse bands. That's just going to take a difficult task and make it more difficult.

It looks like you don't have the shirt pulled up all the way up into your armpits and your shoulders. Before I lay down I have my handout guy pull the shoulders all the way up just to be sure. The slightest fold is really going to lock the shirt up quickly. Don't pull the collar down, don't have any wrinkles in the tris.

Of course there is the other stuff like keeping shoulder blades together, driving your hips up to the bar and pulling the weight down.

09-17-2011, 10:51 PM
Are you jacking the shirt down?

09-17-2011, 11:46 PM
w my overkill, if i have it just ON, all the way up, the collar where it wants to sit, its pretty much jacked. I have to pull the collar UP to un-jack the shirt. Since the neck is scooped it pretty much already sits low and it a lot of shirt. I have so far only been able to touch when I bring the collar waaay up. So for openers itll be up, then an inch or so lower for second attempt, then just pulled tight for a third attempt.

09-17-2011, 11:48 PM
BTW it took 4 workouts to touch, and I also wet the collar,armpits,sleeves and chest plate all of those workouts. Have since been able to touch w out wetting it too

09-18-2011, 12:18 AM
BTW it took 4 workouts to touch, and I also wet the collar,armpits,sleeves and chest plate all of those workouts. Have since been able to touch w out wetting it too

when you say you are wetting the shirt. Are you soaking it or just a little?

09-18-2011, 01:35 AM
I am NOT an expert on wetting a shirt. But what i do is take warm water, get a towel wet, and then get the shirt wet. I do a little bit at a time and you can feel the shirt soak it up and get wet to your skin. Kennelly told me to make sure the water is warm and to soak the shirt.

09-18-2011, 09:36 AM
Travis hit one of the most important points already, but I'll repeat it because so many guys miss this one....

Don't jack the shirt down when you are struggling to touch.
You want the sleeves all the way up and the collar as high as it'll go without physically choking you.

I never wet my shirt, but you can. Use a spray bottle with warm water. Spray the collar, all the seams, the chest plate, and the sleeves.

Another big one we've noticed with these shirts ( my whole team has been using Overkill shirts since 2009) is that they need time to physically warm up. When the material is cold ( as with any poly) it won't stretch as easily.

The last bit is to use speed to get the weight down. At the bottom you actually have to pull the weight in ( like a barbell row)
We use doubles to progressively lower boards. So your first double will be one rep to a three-board, then one rep to a two-board. The next will be 2-board and 1-board. The third is 1-board, chest.

Other than that the best thing you can do is find someone who is really excellent in the shirts and go to a seminar or ask them to help.... working with Luyando got me to the point that I could touch 365 in my shirt that I was using to open at 660 ( same one I hit 705 in, and 815 to boards)

So, collar up, wet it down, use speed, and pull it in...... good luck.

09-18-2011, 02:48 PM
Thanks for all the comments and advice guys. I did have the collar down some so I will be sure to bring it up a bunch next Saturday. I think I may have outgrown the shirt somewhat because I had the sleeves up as far as they would possibly go. I had two guys wrenching on them and me "swimming" into the sleeves even after every warm up set. I ordered the shirt about 8 months or so ago but due to being in the Army and my jacked up training schedule I wasn't able to get in it like I needed to. I went from 285lbs and about 26% bodyfat to 265lbs at 17% bodyfat, so I think with my change in body composition affected the fit of the shirt. I drive about an hour and a half away to train at the only powerlifting gym around every saturday and they all use super duper phenoms, so I'm not around anybody with experience in Overkill. I get out of the Army in less then 2 months and at my gym back home there are a few people that are really experienced in these shirts. Mark Bell is coming up here next weekend to our gym so I'll definitely have to pick his brain and have him show me how to work my shirt better and take a look at it and see if it even fits right. Thanks again guys.

Travis Bell
09-18-2011, 04:10 PM
If you lost 20lbs the shirt should be even easier to touch in.

The key like I said is getting the arm pits seated. Sometimes I put my arm over a barbell and use it to wiggle those last couple inches in there.