View Full Version : My feelings regenerate at twice the speed of a normal man.

10-04-2011, 01:24 PM

T-Spine Ext on Medicine Ball

TRX Serratus Anterior Slides

Neutral Grip Wide Lat Pulldown

Neutral Grip Wide Cable Row

Face Pulls

Deadbug Lvl 1

Note: It's been a long journey back to the gym. Lost 30lbs in the process...mostly muscle. Taking it easy this time around. Don't have a chance to get to a normal health specialist. So, I'll just stick to light lower body work and decent upper body work. Can't go nuts, yet I can't stay away from a gym.

10-06-2011, 12:43 PM
Today was supposed to be shoulder day. I underestimated how intense the second day of work at Park Avenue was going to be. (www.parkavenyc.com) I'm a line cook doing the apps to order. In any case, I was toasted at the end of the night. Got home at 12 and passed out at 1.

Note: No more missing gym day.

At home I did 3 sets of deadbugs...10 reps each. Also, it took a couple of years for me to realize that my leg issues are coming from tight IT band issues. In addition, I learned how to stretch them properly today. After just 2 sets of 30 second stretching, I feel like I can walk again. So, we'll see if I can start single leg work on sunday.

Off to school.