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10-07-2011, 12:59 PM
Lets get a good discussion going. What does your warm-up routine and stretching look like?

I personally have limited time to warm-up, so foam rolling is out of the question pre or post workout.

My warmup is mostly all dynamic:

straigth leg kicks x10
high knees x10
rdl x10
groin stretch x5 (2 seconds each side)
seated hip flexor stretch x5 (2 seconds each)
bodyweight squats x10
band discolates x10
band external rotation x10
side raises x10

and I'm typically ready to go for a session. This takes me about 7-10 mins to complete.

In the evenings I static stretch and roll:

static stretching
seated hamstring stretch
seated groin stretch
hip flexor stretch (ass against a wall, back on the ground, feet in fully squatted position, push knees out)
standing quad stretch
standing IT band stretch (straighen left leg, cross the right around in front and bend the right to stretch)
glute stretch (left leg bent and to the right in front of me, right leg full extended behind me, lean down and push chest to knee)
seated IT band stretch (left leg straight, right leg bent and crossed over right, pull knee into chest)

foam roller
IT band

lacrosse ball

The stretching/foamrolling takes me about 30 minutes. I try to do it 4-5x a week.

10-12-2011, 07:55 AM
No replies? wow. Anyway,I try to warmup well, with 5lb plate swings in every direction & plane, before a bench workout, and then just start the bench with the bar for a set or 2 of 15-20 reps, and then slowly work to desired work weight. On squat/dead days I'll typically start with no weight partials, working down to parallel or below until that feels smooth, then start adding plates. I stretch a bit in the early phases of the workout, after partially warm. I also do some mobility work, stretching, self-massage on off days. Have experimented with roller, but need to try more of this

10-12-2011, 02:14 PM
Mine's pretty short and basic, but very consistant now after the shoulder replaced. Before each W.O. I do this:

Chain Wrestling:

40 rotations inwards

40 rotations outwards

40 front chain waves (raising and slapping the chains off the ground)

Indian Club Swinging:

Clean motion x 20

High to Low front shoulder swings x 10

Two arm 'propellar' alternate swings x 20 each direction

Hamstring stretches 2 sets x 20 count

Vertical squat jumps x 10

Then just one or two warmup (lighter) sets on Benches, Squats, or Deadlifts and right into the heavier stuff. Monday = Bench Night....Wednesday = Squat night....Friday = Deadlift night (deadlifts of some sort).

10-12-2011, 02:45 PM
For the lower body days I do the warm-up Juliet Deane posted on Youtube while she was with EFS, but I skip the windmills at the end. For upper body I haven't found anything similar yet. I do broomstick dislocations and then pull my shoulders into their right place with a band and that's about it. Although recently my right shoulder has been really messed up so I've had to do some plate swings in every direction

10-13-2011, 07:30 AM
Oh yeah,
I forgot to mention I made an indian club simulation out of pipe & use that once in a while. I don't swing it around a lot, more like slow stretching movements with it. Again, something I need to do more of

10-13-2011, 08:36 AM
Good thread for brainstorming on new ideas for people. On lower body days I lay on the ground and put a green band/elite fts grey band around my neck and around the bottom of my foot and swing my leg around in a full range windmill motion in each direction 15 times. Then I grab the band and pull my foot all the way to the outside and hold it for about 10 seconds and pull it all the way back out to the other side across my body and hold it for about 10 seconds and do that twice. Same for the other leg obviously. Then I cross my foot over my body and use the band to pull my foot toward my face/chest on each side. After this my hips and lower back are all pretty loose. Then I'll do bodyweight split squats and some standing hamstring stretches. No matter what day it is I will always foam roll my lower and upper back pretty well and use a lacrosse ball on my shoulder blades. I will also do some shoulder mobility work regardless of what day it is, especially if I am squatting with a straight bar. Upper body days I hang an average band and put my arm up to my shoulder in it and rotate backwards 20 times then forwards 20 times with each arm. Then do 20-30 face pulls, band pull a parts and shoulder dislocates with the mini band. Then of course the progressive warm up sets with light weights. I save the majority of my foam rolling/lacrosse ball work for recovery except for my back which I do for prehab as well.