View Full Version : Squats with bands, then without

10-12-2011, 08:15 PM
So I did a back squat with strong bands 1RM yesterday, then did some rest-pause work without the bands. It was the craziest thing, the first 3 (or so) reps of rest-pause work saw me absolutely exploding up out of the hole, but then I slowed down as I tired. Makes me wonder if I shouldn't warm up with some strong bands before doing a regulat 1RM.

What's more, is I was pretty wobbly from left to right once I took the bands off. At first I thought I had misloaded one side of the bar, but it was even. Makes me think I didn't have the band tension even when doing the 1RM, but it didn't feel off when I was doing it, and had subconsciously taught myself (temporarily) to adjust for whatever imbalance was occurring.

Anyone else ever experience either of these two things?