View Full Version : We want YOUR input for our next AtLarge Nutrition promotion.

chris mason
10-30-2011, 09:14 PM
As you know, we run promotions with some frequency. We want YOUR input for our next offer. What would YOU most like to see? It can be anything from a discount to freebies. Give us your ideas (please reply here)!

10-30-2011, 10:08 PM
I really like the previous free BCAA+ and Multi-V deals you had in the past. I for one don't usually stock up on those supplements and its great when its time to refill my protein powder batch, the shipment comes with a free side supplement. ALN products are more on the higher price but absolutely do get what you pay for! I think if you started making smaller size bottles, it would give customers a chance to try your products without committing to a large batch. For example: the 2.2lb Nitrean was a perfect move. People can spare $20 to buy 2 week supply of powder, even if they don't end up liking it, they will feel it wasn't a huge loss compared to the $40 4.6lb tub. What if ALN created smaller size bottles of Axcel, Creatine 500, Results, ETS and etc to allow new comers the opportunity to try ALN products at a lower cost?

ps: is there gonna be any sale soon on Results or anything else? I'm ready to order some results but if you got something up your sleeve, it can wait :)

edit: maybe a free t-shirt would be nice. i'd rock it in the gym proudly and become a walking advertisement for you

chris mason
10-30-2011, 11:16 PM
Jt, I'm not sure on a sale, but I am going to do some kind of a promo. Just an FYI, we are currently running a 15% off sale. You might want to take advantage of that.

10-31-2011, 12:20 AM
For me I think a free shipping promo would be a plus. I know I usually get my supplements from Prosource and the flat 5.95 shipping they offer all the time is great and if you order over 150$ (which is easy to do)than shipping is free.

I just ordered 200$ worth of stuff from you guys and you still hit me with like 12$ to ship and it took almost a week to get.
Supps are top notch and I will continue to buy no matter what but a shipping promo is a must.

Keep up the great work ALN

mike mcgee
10-31-2011, 05:59 AM

Free shipping would be great. I also like the idea of a free t-shirt. I know you used to do that if you spent over $100.00.


10-31-2011, 06:43 AM
I just remember the discussions and competitions that Daniel would post on facebook (IE: warrior challenge - people got shirts for placing top 3 or something like that). It helped build community among ALN/WBB members. Having people come up to you when you wear a ALN shirt is something I enjoy/ I enjoy promoting it.

Also I remember there being a day where I never even considered the nouvous bars (partially because few people talked about them/ lack of testimonials on forums) but there was something about post what your favorite ALN product is and why...long story short, I got myself 2 free boxes of chocolate mint bars.

Really helped open my eyes to the product + allowed me to give some out to people and share the brand name to others.

Travis Bell
10-31-2011, 07:04 AM
I'm pretty sure the 15% off sale more than covers your shippping?

10-31-2011, 07:28 AM
15% off and free BCAA+ lured me in to finally order.... maybe another one like that. Samples are always good because it gets people hooked on products they might not normally try.

free t-shirts are always good because it is walking advertisement for you and most guys are suckers for a free shirt ( I know I am)

other than that.... how about an " all Barzeen's get free protein" week.....

mike mcgee
10-31-2011, 08:08 AM
I'm pretty sure the 15% off sale more than covers your shippping?

Doing the math, you're right... Free shipping just sounds goods!!

10-31-2011, 02:03 PM
I'm pretty sure the 15% off sale more than covers your shippping?

I think in general the shipping should be cheaper. When I order protein from other places it's typically free shipping if you buy over $X worth of stuff or they have a flat rate of $5-7 for shipping regardless of what you order.

Regarding your comment about the 15% off sale, IMO it's actually a little disappointing when I put in the coupon code and see my discount, then I see $13 shipping added on and realize the expensive shipping is effectively cancelling out my discount.

Plus the shipping is always slow. I know I'm located in CA and the products ship from VA, but sometimes I'll order on a Friday and not get my products until Mon or Tues 2 weeks later (11 calendar days). I know this is probably b/c if I order on a Friday afternoon my order doesn't get picked up by UPS until Monday and then with ground shipping it takes more the 5 days to get across country, but I still always feel like the shipping is really over priced. Especially since I could probably get the express shipping option from most companies for what ALN charges.

I still buy from ALN frequently because I love the products, but I've never been happy about the shipping rates or timeliness. Obviously most companies cover part or all of the shipping out of their profit, while ALN passes the entire shipping cost directly on to the buyer. Rather than see free shipping as a promo, what I'd like to see the following 2 shipping changes made in general. Then when they run a 15% off promo I feel like I'm really getting 15% off!
1) Flat rate shipping for all orders. Doesn't have to do $5 like some companies I've seen. Even $8 flat rate would be nice.
2) Free shipping on orders over $100. IMO this would pay for itself. It doesn't have to be exactly $100. Just pick a number where if you decide to order 2 jugs of nitrean/opticen/whatever I'll end up being $10 or so under it. Most people will end up buying an extra product to put them over the free shipping cutoff.

Aside from shipping, I love what ALN has been doing lately. The 15% off deals are great. I also liked the free BCAA. The Nitrean+/Results stack should be a permanent item!

10-31-2011, 02:17 PM
Great Products! I wish I got the BCAA+. I got the multi-plus instead.

Chris, maybe have it for repeating customers that they get points for each purchase. With these pts add up to free shipping or other free things perhaps.

Maybe 200-300 pts adds up to lifting wraps? Westside T-Shirt even?

Just an idea..

10-31-2011, 02:18 PM
Free shipping or the buy one / get one promos have been nice. When you do that one then the shipping is not such a smack. The times I order just one thing, like the vitamins; the shipping is well over 1/2 as much as the vitamins. I'd order more stuff more often if the shipping was more in line with supplements direct (where I also buy stuff like DHEA etc. from)

10-31-2011, 03:54 PM
I'm pretty sure the 15% off sale more than covers your shippping?

You would be correct but I happened to order 2 days before the sale and did not get to take advantage of any promo's.
I still love the supps and will continue to use them but 12$ for shipping that takes a full week is steep

10-31-2011, 05:29 PM
I think the idea of smaller sizes that you can give away with orders is a great idea. That way people try new products they might not normally buy. If they like them, then it can turn into future sales.

I feel like discounts or free shipping are incentives for regular customers to re-order now vs the future. Most of those people were going to re-order eventually anyway. It's more borrowing from future sales vs increasing current sales. I'm sure it gets some first time customers, but I bet most are the loyal people taking advantage to re-order.

I think idea behind promotions should be to either get new customers or get your current customers to buy more products. I think with quality products you just need to get people to try them, and then they'll want to buy more. That goes back to the sample size idea.

As was mentioned, I know it's weird psychology, but free shipping seems more appealing than 15% off. There's a reason free shipping promos are common. It costs less, but consumers react to it.

Have you guys thought of a loyalty program? It makes sense with a product like supplements where people have to re-order multiple times a year. Once you get a customer, then you want to make sure they keep ordering from you.

10-31-2011, 08:24 PM
Chris, I second Balbolstar's idea of accumulating points based on purchases. Could be used built up and used toward At-Large items.

chris mason
10-31-2011, 08:47 PM
Just an FYI on shipping. We average a LOSS on shipping. In other words, on average, what we charge for shipping is less than what we pay UPS.

Any company that has very cheap shipping and or free shipping merely has a large enough margin in their products to do so and still be profitable. Believe it or not, our products cost significantly MORE than the average to produce due to the quality of ingredients, dosing of ingredients, and the type of ingredients.

The kind of sad part is I see companies which sell underdosed/crap ingredient products for just a little less than us and due to marketing campaigns they sell the SHIT out of them. I have a pretty good idea of what they pay to produce those products and yet people lap them up figuring that everything is just the same. It is a major source of frustration for me.

The timing issue for those on the West Coast is what was already mentioned, we only have our warehouse in VA thus is takes a while for UPS to get stuff across the country. Our shipping in terms of processing the order is about as good as it gets in the industry.

Overall great ideas, and I might just do a free shipping promo.

11-01-2011, 04:05 PM
How about a distributor in Australia so we can get the products?

There is clearly a market here where ALL products are massively overpriced. (even though our dollar is better then the US).

You guys pay less then half price for what we do on average for products. Send bulk shipments (which promote massive discounts) and undercut the market by 10% and still make more then what you claim you do in the states.

Free money :/