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05-27-2002, 04:04 PM
Im bored, so im going to start a ckd journal. Im already on my fourth week.

Starting weight: 190lbs, estimated bf 18-20% (i used some waist measurment:weight calculator to get this number). I was actually at 197 before i started cutting calories. I didnt want to go from a bulk straight to a ckd.

height: 5'10''

age:17 years, 10 months.

training history
i started working out last july, so it has been less than a year. when i started out i was 140lbs, not ripped, just pathetic. i decided to bulk, and that is why i am at 18%ish bodyfat. I ate all clean foods, about 4000cals a day. when i started i think my arms were 13.75 flexed, now they are in the 16 range pumped. ive tried a 3day split, 4day, and gvt. my best results came from the 3 day..

Here is my week layout.


flat db press 4x6-10
millitary press 2x6-10
lateral raises 2x10-15
skulls 2x4-6 (my tri's respond well to low reps imo)
weighted crunches 2x6-8

**on this day i am consuming 5% below my bmr (my weight x12). I have gone to 85% protien, 15% fat. I usually hit ketosis wednesday morning or night. That pisses me off, but since im not using vandly (expensive ****) i guess im not doing so bad.


squats 2x6-10
leg curls 2x6-10
calf raises 2x6-10
chins 2x6-10
uh bentover rows 3x6-10
incline db curls 2x6-10

**lyle suggests doing 5-10 minutes of light cardio before and after each workout, and a circuit type workout with 50% of your 6-8 rep max immediatley after each workout. i have been doing this, but as of this week i am going to be dropping the cardio after the workout because from what i understand my body is already in a catabolic state and i dont see how this cardio wont cause me to lose muscle. i might throw in a 10-20 minute cardio session later in the day on mon and tue.

wed + thu

low carbs just like mon and tue. i dont do any cardio on these days because the general consensus here on wbb is not to do cardio, fat loss is best achieved through diet. im going to stick with no cardio and see how it goes.

im doing 75% fat and 25% protien on these days, along with tuesday. like i said, i usually hit ketosis wed night.


I eat 50g of fruit about an hour before my workout to kick me out of ketosis, then i do my depletion workout. I am having trouble knowing when I am "done" as lyle puts it. He says you will know when you are done, but that is retarded. I usually do about 3-4 circuits, light, no where near failure. Im still trying to get the depletion workout right, it usually takes me 1.5hrs.


1st 24 hours of my carb up. Im using Nlarge wildberry (this stuff tastes like **** btw) for the first two meals, and gatorade for the 2nd two. I think my numbers are 690g carbs, 145g pro, 65g fat on this day. More on supps later.


2nd 24, mostly low gi foods except last few meals. lyle says to cause hyperinsulina (sp?) at the end of the carb up for a reason i do not know. i think my numbers are about 345g carbs 140g protien 35g fat on this day. i have been making it closer to 20hrs, just to get into ketosis faster monday. but im not sure if i shorten the carb up, if i should consume less carbs, or just eat the same carbs in a shorter period of time on this day.


during the week i take:
-a multivitamin (10 pills a day of the target brand)
-vitamin c, about 2000mg a day
-potasium, about 400mg a day
-vitamin e, about 1200iu a day
-calcium, about 1800-2400 a day
-fiber, 2 little chewables (combined they have 4g carbs)
-xenadrine, 2pills 2x a day (if i can get mini-thins, as suggested by somone on this board, i am going to just start making my own eca stack when im done with this bottle).

during the carb up i take:
-same thing, except the fiber.
-800mcg of chromium per day
-1500mg ala per day
-5g creatine/day (I dont use it during the week because i have heard it CAN hinder fat loss. i really dont want to risk it, and creatine hasn't done much at all for me in the past.

**im not really careful with my supps, getting the exact amount of each one. I just make sure i get plenty of vitamins, so i will usually take much more than what i listed. i just eat the pills like candy (except the fiber and xen)

side-effects of diet/supps so far

none that i can think of. i have no ketone breath, my urine smells fresh as always, and i dont feel lethargic or stupid while on the diet. the xenadrine doesn't give me a "boost" of energy as it is supposed to. however, today i feel like i am having an anxiety attack. that is probably because i have this big art show i have to do tommorow, and i really dont feel like writing a speech i have to make infront of a whole lot of people.

summary of first three weeks

i started at about 187lbs (my actual weight before the low carb days began). During the week, i usually am around 181-183lbs. after taking so much nlarge friday nights, i sometimes feel like i am going to puke. i actually did puke the first week, but i havent dont it since. during the carb up i usually get back up to around 187lbs, depending on if i get enough water.

here are my exact weights i have kept on my hard drive for weeks 2 and three:

Monday morning 184....wed after school 183....sat morning...177??..sat night 187. Sunday evening 181 !

Mon after school 183 (not a lot of water in day)...tue b4 workout 183...fri night 188 (3 meals in w/ a lot of water)...sat morning 187 (1 meal)..sat at 7; 186lbs...sun at 8 184.

Mon morning 181(today)

***tommorow is leg/back/biceps day. I will post my diet for the day as well as my actual numbers from todays and tommorows workouts. so far i havent really had that "flat" look, but i havent had this great "pumped" look on the carb up either. all if not most of my lifts have went up on the diet. i feel a bit leaner, and i plan on losing 1lb a week, over 20 weeks to get down to about 10%bf before i go to college in the fall.

thats it.

05-27-2002, 07:36 PM
monday 5/27


10 min light jog

flat db press (6x40)(9x70) (4.2x65) (6x60) (5x55)
millitary press w/back completley straight (7x40) (5.5x80) (4.5x80) (5x70)
lat raises (5.5x15) (11.5x10)
skulls (5.5x55) (3.5x55) (4x50)
weighted crunches (10x20) (7x20) (5x20)

for a postworkout shake i had designer whey and whipping cream (2g carbs, 26g pro, 42g fat)

later in the day i did 10 minutes of jogging, hopefully to get me into ketosis faster. i am really hesitant to do alot of cardio because of the potential for muscle loss, something i dont have alot of as shown by my lifts.

tommorow is leg day, back to 75/25 p/f.

05-29-2002, 02:15 PM
tuesday 5/28


last night i had a mild chrisis. i wasn't careful counting my calories, and i my stomach was killing me. to make a long story short i got up and re-calculated everything and was 600cals short. i just ate the 600cals right there, at the correct ratios. a best case scenario is that i got all my cals in at the correct ratio, so it wont affect me. but im sure with my luck on this diet, the lack of calories in the day will cause major muscle loss since im not into ketosis, and im sure it will also keep me out of ketosis for a day or two. just great.


legs/back day

10min light jog
squats- (8x110) (4x180) (9x230) (5x230)
leg curls- (5x40) (6x70) (4x70)
calf raises- (19x230) (14x230)
chins-(8.5) (4.5) BW
bo rows- (9x135) (7x130)
bb curls- (4x80) (4x70)
crunches (10x20) (7x20) (4x20)

2 min rests between all sets

Squats went up. Rows and chins will decrease next week so i can work on my form. One of the reasons why my lifts are so weak is because i wasted my time for 3 months with a 4 day split, and this crap called german volume training. My squats have really went us since i started doing only 2 sets of them, i used to do 3-5 and they barley went up at all week by week.

still not in ketosis according to the stix. It has been 55hrs, i am going to be dropping day 2 of the carb up day, i donít see how i am going to lose fat if i am only in ketosis Thursday and part of friday.

05-29-2002, 02:24 PM
why dont you try ala?

05-30-2002, 11:45 AM
marcel, i know you went on a ckd, i saw some threads in the archive. did you use it throughout the week, as well as the carb up? I heard it can be dangerous if it is used during the week.

05-30-2002, 12:07 PM
Yes I did use CKD with success and I stopped because I got tired of the workout scheme and my heart wasn't into reaching the really low bodyfat which I thought I wanted. I did get pretty low though with abs visible. I'm trying TKD this time around with ala.

I think ala should be used to kick you into ketosis. So if one chose to use it, they would use it during the weekend with carbs. Yea once you reach ketosis you should stop and let the diet take care of the rest. You dont want to hypo. At elite they have a bunch of info on it. Check it out. Laterz.

05-30-2002, 02:46 PM
wed -5/29

183lbs. no signs of ketosis on stix. diet was perfect, 28g fat, 21g of protien every single meal, exactly, spread over 6 meals.

05-30-2002, 02:50 PM
thursday 5/30

178lbs. it is mid-day and still no signs of ketosis. diet will be the same as yesterday.

marcel, i think i am going to go to a 1 day carb up, since i am not getting into ketosis. i have no keto breath, no traces of ketones in my urine, but everything as far as diet should be perfect. i have been taking 1500mg of ala on sat and sun, i am going to up it to 2000 each day, and just have a 1 day carb up.