View Full Version : Cool anecdote about Paul Anderson

11-22-2011, 07:17 AM
This is a short excerpt from my book, from the DiMarco section;
Joe also retold a story he did not witness, but was told by Frenn, about Paul Anderson seeing George squat somewhere in the 800 plus pound range. Paul congratulated him, saying “you squats good, boy… you squats good” Dimarco recalled that Frenn would get teary eyed relating this story, as it was a memorable statement coming from Anderson. The crowd then asked Paul to show what he could do, so Anderson obliged by adding another 100 pounds to the bar and doing a double with it. This was cold and wearing street clothes and dress shoes! It was Paul Anderson’s overhead one arm lifting that spurred Chuck Ahrens on to his best 1 arm overhead lifts, too, according to Joe. Joe said that after Paul matched Ahrens 315 triples in this exercise, Chuck then did 375!! Joe said members of the club saw Anderson lift the front end of a Cadillac and place the passenger side front wheel on the curb, just for a gag.